New DeWALT 20V MAX Vacuum – DCV517

dewalt vacuum

As we ramp up to summer, tool manufactures are starting to release their new tools for 2016.  Of-course theses are just teasers as both DeWALT and Milwaukee Tool have major events coming up in June.  That is when we will really see a bulk of their new innovations.  The DCV517 is pretty much the same as the previous 18V XRP DC515K.  It has a  HEPA filter which makes it great for dust control.

DeWALT Vacuum

The 20V Max battery is going to give the unit more power and run time over the previous model.  The neat thing about this vacuum is its design.  You can use it as a handheld or you can detach the 2.5 foot hose which extends to 5 feet to get into the tight areas.

Cordless dewalt vacuum

Overall these little vacuums are great to have especially for small punch list jobs.  Did I mention it is also a wet/dry vac, plumbers can use it to suck up water in toilets.  It holds up to a half gallon of liquid and or debris.  This tool is covered by the standard DeWALT 3 year warranty and should be available soon.


  1. Innovative! I think it looks odd tho because the battery looks like an afterthought, but who cares if it works good. I like the idea of it being a cordless toilet water sucker-upper haha just dont use it on a table or countertops afterwards!

  2. Trying to keep the spirit of the XRP line alive, I don’t blame DeWalt the XRP line was legendary. I loved my XRP stuff and still use some of the tools today

  3. Love that it is a Wet/Dry vac. Man I have so many uses for this little guy. Hepa filter too. Great little package. #tiacrew

  4. Pretty sweet vacuum I think I’m going to pick the other version up though for 80 bucks, How much will this run you?

  5. Not sure why I need this if I own the other DeWalt Vac……..maybe DeWalt should have put the effort into a handle for the Toughsystem tote.

  6. These little guys are the cutest thing I’ve seen. I would but one just to use on a little repair job or something. Where you make a small mess, but not enough to get the vacuum out or find or have to as me the home owner for a trash bag and dust pan. Really for me just another time saver from #dewalt. Living my #dewalt tools man. Pro tools for sure. #tiacrew #tia

  7. Looks like a cool and innovative design! I bet that would be a great car/boat vac because of the portability and different uses. I wonder if that hose is able to connect to small tools with dust collection systems, because sometimes its a pain to drag out the big shop vac for small projects, but you still want a dust collector system. Im interested to see your review of it! #TIACREW

  8. I think this is a very cool tool. It’s great for cleaning the truck or cleaning up at a small job. But how much harder is it to plug a shop vac in the wall? In my opinion it is a cool tool, but unnecessary.

  9. Hey guys, I checked out this little new vac from Dewalt! Not sure why Dewalt went with it. They already had a nice small battery or corded vac. Maybe for the hobbits lol. Nice post anyway Eric.

  10. Looks like a great little vacuum for cleaning out the truck. Nice to not be restrained by a cord! I have seen this at HD and it looks like a cool thing to have around. #TIA CREW

  11. I like the idea of a quick detach hose. But I just wondering what the power will be like? Like what the equivalent horse power would be. Will they sell these included in combo kits?

  12. Dang!! This looks nice!! I would love it for my car & those long trips with the kids. But, I’m a Ridgid man. I have recently downed sized to 3 vacs (from 6) for the garage & house. This one could be an inpulse purchase if I see it in a big box or outlet tool store. Laters TIA

  13. I love the 18v model. I just got the 20v to 18v adapter last week so I could keep using it.
    My debit card is almost yellow already might as well add some more yellow to it.

  14. I need one of these for my truck or even small remodeling jobs I do.. looks like a nice product and I have everything dewalt. Love it


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