Bosch Charger & Power Adapter

Bosch Charger & Power Adapter

Over the years the power tool world has been moving away from corded tools to cordless tools.  We have seen battery technology increase and the use of Lithium-Ion has made a lot of what we do today with power tools a real possibility.  As you would expect, power tool manufacturers have been releasing ways to not only charge these batteries but get the most out of how we use the batteries.  Bosch is one of those companies.  Bosch recently released two new products, the Bosch Charger which is a dual port and the Bosch Portable Power adapter.

Bosch Dual Bay Battery Charger – GAX18V-30

Bosch Dual Bay Charger

The dual port charger will charge a Bosch 12V battery and a Bosch 18V battery in a sequential order.  It’s first on, first off.  So whichever battery you insert first, is the battery that will be charged first.

Bosch Dual Bay Charger

Besides being able to charge a Bosch battery, there is also a USB plug which means you can charge a tablet or your phone.  The plug is a 2.4 Amp plug.

When you insert a battery into the charger, a green light will start flashing to indicate that the battery is charging.  Once it’s charged, the light will stay green to let you know it’s complete.  Then the next battery in order will begin to charge and it will also be indicated by a flashing green light.

The charger will charge a Bosch 4 Ah battery in 85 minutes while it will charge a 2Ah Bosch battery in 45 Minutes.

Bosch Portable Power Adapter – GAA18V-24N

Bosch Power Adapter

The Bosch portable power adapter works off the Bosch 18V battery platform.

Bosch Power Adapter

The power adapter is capable of not only charging two USB devices, but it can power your Bosch heated jacket with the DC plug.  The port delivers power to any 5V USB or 12V DC device with an output of 2.4 Amps.  If you are using both USB ports at the same time, it will have an output of 1.2 Amps.

Bosch Power Adapter

There is a push button on the front of the port to turn on/off the power port.

Bosch Power Adapter

Bosch has a built-in metal belt clip if you want to keep it attached to your side so you are not carrying it around or taking up a pocket in your jacket.


Bosch Charger & Power Adapter Final Thoughts

I am happy to see that Bosch is creating more products to support their battery system.  I love the dual port charger as I can now retire my 12V charger and just have one charger sit around instead of two.  The portable power adapter is great because as you know we are all connected to a digital world and to stay connected, we need power.


  1. I love Bosch, but sequential charges stink. Aside from space saving there is no advantage. They take twice as long to charge the batteries as the separate 12v and 18v chargers working at the same time. Why do manufactures keep coming out with these? Milwaukee has some too. And the USB output is garbage. The cheapest Chinese charges on Amazon give you 2.4 amps on every port. This one halves the individual port output when you plug in two devices. Don’t waste your money on this garbage!


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