Milwaukee Collated Screw Gun Attachment Review

Milwaukee Collated Screw Gun Attachment Review

Hanging drywall or performing other applications that take a ton of fastening can be a chore when using an impact driver.  Lucky for us, manufacturers have created screw guns which make setting fasteners simple.  While it makes the job simple, you still have to take time and put the fastener on the bit tip.  Okay, I think you know where I am going with this.  Manufacturers have collated systems so you don’t have to mess with each fastener. Now all you have to do is focus on your work.  Just insert the strip into the mag and you are ready to fire away.  So we are here today to take a look at the Milwaukee collated screw gun attachment review.

A while back we reviewed the Milwaukee screw gun.  While we loved the innovation, it did lack a collated system to help make the worker more productive.  With that being said, we always recommended the Bosch or Hilti system.  Well now Milwaukee has a collated attachment, so how does it stack up?

Milwaukee Collated Screw Gun Attachment Review


Milwaukee Collated Screw Gun Attachment Review

Unboxing the collated attachment, not only will you find the accessory, but it comes with two PR2 bits.  A closer look and you will see this is designed for up to 2″ screws.  Now I haven’t tried all collated screws, but for the ones I have tried, they have all worked which include the Senco brand.  You can pick up the attachment at The Home Depot for about $100.

Ease of Use

If you have ever used a collated system, this is very easy to use and isn’t any different than what you would expect.  One nice feature is that with a slide of a switch you can adjust the footplate.

Milwaukee Collated Screw Gun Attachment Review

There is also a slide function to adjust the depth of the fastener.


The attachment is nice and the collated screws slide nicely through the attachment.  You will always get those stubborn screws that don’t sink the same depth each time, but for the most part, the consistency is great.  Time after time, we had the same depth of each screw.  I think partly because the screw gun is nice, but also because of the feed system and the ease of use of the attachment.

Final Thoughts

I am happy to see Milwaukee introduced a collated attachment for their screw gun.  The collated attachment is well designed and performs.  The tool-free footplate adjustment is a nice feature and even changing the depth of the fasteners is easy.  If you have the Milwaukee screw gun and are planning on ripping through screws, this is the attachment to own.


  1. Thanks SO SO much for the opportunity to learn, discover, and get the inside “professional” scoop and info on the best and new tools and in equipment on the market. As a tradesman this is invaluable!! Not to mention…. UNBELIEVABLE chances to win and recieve those tools FREE!!! Thanks guys!!! HUGE FAN!!!

  2. Just bought one 2 days ago for the hang plaster job . It is disappointed. The gun keep jamming and the driver keep stuck on the strip . Go to the shop but cuold not return because they don’t have the policy . I got a lot of milwaukee tool . But only this make me feel i would change the brane

    • I agree it’s shit. It can’t screw into internals and around metal door frames, cause the attachment is too wide. And sometimes the depth will change on it’s own, causing it to jam.

      • So sorry to hear you’ve had trouble with yours, Chris! I would definitely call Milwaukee, we haven’t seen any issues on our side, but I definitely would see what they could do to fix it for you!

  3. Do you happen to know if there’s a 6” square #2 tip that’s fits the gun. Seems like all the ones I’ve found don’t fit the gun going in and out. Need help thanks!!!!


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