Milwaukee Pry Bar Review

Milwaukee Pry Bar Review

There are a lot of times we need a way to pry something open or away from something else.  Just the other day I was trying to pry a header board away from the wall without ruining the boards behind it.  If I only had the Milwaukee Pry Bars.  So let’s take a look at the Milwaukee Pry Bar Review.

Milwaukee Pry Bar Review Overview

Milwaukee introduced a solution for those who need a tool to pry.  The solution is the Milwaukee 4 piece pry bar set, model 48-22-9214.  In this set you get the following sizes of pry bars:

  • 8″ Pry Bar
  • 12″ Pry Bar
  • 18″ Pry Bar
  • 24″ Pry Bar

Milwaukee Pry Bar Review Features

Milwaukee Pry Bar Review

Milwaukee designed these pry bars with a Tri-Lobe Handle.  Now I know some will love how these feel while others might take a while getting used to them.

Milwaukee Pry Bar Review

On the back of the pry bar, there is a hammer strike plate.  I am glad to see that they designed this with the cap as we tend to use a hammer a lot on pry bars.  This way we aren’t chipping or breaking the handle.

Milwaukee Pry Bar Review

The I-Beam design offers up to 40% more prying strength.

Milwaukee Pry Bar Review

The chrome finish helps protect against corrosion.

Milwaukee Pry Bar Review Value

The pry bars retail for about $70 on The Home Depot website.  I have seen other sets retail for much less.  Now, these are quality pry bars, but I would be much happier to see them retail for around the same price as their competitor.

Milwaukee Pry Bar Review Final Thoughts

Bottomline you have a ton of different options to choose from when it comes to pry bars.  Milwaukee offers a nice alternative to other manufacturers.  These pry bars are built to last and will provide great leverage during use.

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