Bosch CFL180 Flash Light Review


Tool Review: Bosch Flash light

Model Number: CFL180


Pros: Wide Base, Easy to place and shine light anywhere
Cons: Incandescent light
Specifications of the Bosch Flash Light
  • 360 Degree Handle Rotation
  • 7 Detents
  • Incandescent light
  • 1 Extra bulb
  • On/Off Switch, No Rotation
  • Tool-Less Bulb Change
About The Specification of The Bosch Flash Light

We know most people prefer the LED work lights and that is the way the industry is starting to go, so you might be disappointed to find out this has an incandescent light.  For an incandescent light, this shines pretty good.  Now this light doesn’t have a focal point where you can adjust the beam width, but most don’t.  The light has 7 Detents which makes is user friendly and allows the user to adjust where they want the light to point.  As with most work lights, the weakest point is the actually bulb and the filament.  Anytime a light drops, the biggest item that will get damage is the actual bulb.  The Bosch has a storage feature inside the light where a user can store an extra bulb in case one burns out.  A user can take a little bit of foam wrapping to protect the bulb that is not in use.

The Review

Alright it is just a light, right.  Well you are right, but if it isn’t useful, what good is it?  So the first thing we took a look at was can this light be useful in open and tight areas.  The battery is the base, so it does have a wide base and will stay flat.  This wide base makes it great for tight spots as we have all had the fun experience of getting into position to perform some work and what happens next.  We knock over the light and now have to try and maneuver to get the light back into place.  The wide base will not eliminate this problem, but it does make it hard to bump out of position. 
On the handle there are to screw holes that will allow the user to hang this light for temporary purposes.  You can hand it using screws or even a piece of wire.  Since the screw holes are on both sides of the handle, it is easy to balance the light in the right position.  Again this is a light and there is not much to review, but we wanted to cover at least a couple main points about this light,

This is a different type of flash light where most have a pistol grip, this is more or less a lantern style.  We do like that it has a wide base and offers a lot more freedom of movement then a pistol grip light.  We are a little disappointed it doesn’t have an LED light, but not that big of an issue.  Now we didn’t test how long an 18V battery would run this light, but as you can guess with the size of the light and the power of an 18V, it is sure to last a long time.         


About Bosch 

Bosch Power Tools and Accessories is one of the divisions within the $1 billion, 4,000 employee strong Robert Bosch Tool Corporation, which is the North American branch of the largest power tool and accessory manufacturer in the world, Robert Bosch GmbH. Bosch provides a complete line of corded and cordless power tools and accessories engineered to survive any job site and allow professionals to take control of their work. Bosch Tools




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