Bosch Lithium Ion Battery ECP Review


Tool Review: Bosch 18V Battery and Charger

Model Number: Bat618 Fat Pack




Pros: 2.6Ah, Powerful, Lightweight
Cons: Expensive to replace
Specifications of the Bosch Battery & Charger
  • 2.6Ah
  • Electronic Cell Protection (ECP)
  • Double Lock Latching System
  • Bosch Battery Housing
  • Charger – 30 Minute Charge
  • Charger – Charges 14.4 – 18 Slim and Fat Pack
  • Charges batter 85% in 15 minutes


Bosch Battery and Charger

Lithium batteries are very expensive to replace, so anytime you buy a Lithium-Ion battery, you want to make sure it is a quality made battery.  First and most important is Bosch ECP.  This allows the Bosch battery to take more abuse and stay cooler longer.  We all know heat is the number one killer of batteries, so keeping a battery cool is key to longevity.  The double latching system is great.  This ensures the battery will always stay in place, even if dropped you don’t have to worry about breaking a latching system and not being able to use the battery.  Lithium-Ion batteries are great because of their light weight, and other reasons, but with this comes some downsides such as their technology.  Lithium batteries have to have a circuit board in them to control the battery which means more items or things to break and go wrong.  The Bosch battery uses a battery housing that will withstand a fall from 6′ and still work.
The charge is great because it is versatile.  A user can charge 14.4 and 18V slim and fat Pack batteries.  The only thing that caught our attention was the charge time.  To fully charge these batteries, it only takes 30 minutes and in 15 minutes, it is 85% charged, so you can get back to work. 

The batteries are extremely light and durable.  With the housing of the battery they can withstand a free fall from 6′ which is good to know.  We like the fast charge time of 30 minutes and even that the battery is 85% charged in 15 minutes.  While most batteries are 18V, most have a lower Ah. rating.  Bosch’s Fat pack 2.6Ah. is great for any type of work and allows the user to actually use a power tool even under the harshest conditions.  Now if your looking for a good power tool line that you can depend upon, take a look at the Bosch as the batteries are just as well built as their power tools.       



  1. I purchased the Bosh 18volt lithium ion drill driver impact combo.
    I couldn’t me more displeased. Battery longevity is terrible, when their charge is low they are hot so they wont accept a charge until they cool down, then once recharged they don’t last as long. Also I live in Florida so even if the tool is not used but left in the sun the battery will not function until you cool it off. They should put on the label” For use in cold climate only.” might be ok for a home owner but not anyone doing real work.
    I think if these batteries had not been perfected they shouldn’t be on the market.

  2. I purchased a “professional” Bosch 18 volt Li-Ion cordless tool set in Australia, it was over $1500.
    I used only a couple of times,one of the 2.6 Ah battery pack had about 25 charging cycles, than instantly died. I called Bosch, I was told it’s out of warranty…it 14 months old. A piece of rubbish, I wouldn’t buy it again. The Trabant of the cordless tools…

  3. Hi, I have had the old style ni-cad, Love them they work in warm or cold weather, I hve had good use of the set, I have al the tools for the set and about 9 batteries, with ni-cad you have to use them as marked in the user manuel, also every month or so , I put a battery pack in my flash light turn it on, it lasts about 4hrs then place it in the charger if the charger is 1/2 hr do not leave it in longr than that. follow this and your battery wll last years.


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