Bosch CCS180 Circular Saw Review


Having a cordless circular can be a key in any project.  There are a lot of manufacturers who make cordless circular saws, but be careful before you just buy one.  Because of the type of work a circular saw does, this tends to put the most wear and tear on a battery compared to some other power tools.  So when you buy a circular saw, make sure it is a good professional grade.  Speaking of a professional power tool, this brings us to our review of the Bosch circular saw, model number CCS180.

Bosch CCS180 Circular Saw Overview

The Bosch circular saw is a great cordless saw to have around for jobs around the house or even on the job site.  You can buy this saw separately or as part of the Bosch combo kit.  The saw uses a 6 1/2″ thin Kerf blade.  This makes it capable of cutting through 2″ of material on a single pass.  This saw is powered by the 18V 2.6Ah battery, so the run time for this type of saw is sufficient for any longer jobs.  This circular saw will allow a user to make 50 degree bevel cuts.

Bosch CCS180 Circular Saw Review

Now as always, the first thing we are interested in is the balance of the tool we are reviewing and this is no different.  While balance is great for allowing the user to work longer with a properly balanced power tool, a circular saw is especially more important.  Using a power tool that has an open blade on a 360 degree plan can mean more freedom for a user, but also more chances of accidents.  So a properly balanced circular saw is very important.  The balance of the Bosch saw is great.  It is lightweight and very easy to control on cuts.  The anti snag blade guard is a key feature that lets us make cuts right away without having to deal with the blade guard getting caught.  One thing to note is this saw is designed for thin Kerf blades.

Now we didn’t cut through 2″ material as the saw states it can, we did cut through a lot of 3/4″ plywood and it never had a problem.  The battery lasted for a while and the ECP worked as it stated, where it didn’t get very hot.  As you can see in the video, the saw didn’t bog down cutting through the plywood.  We did a lot more with the review, but as some requested, they only wanted to see the saw in action and not every little cut.  So we did edit a lot of the video to only show the saw in action.

While some saws have a blade lock in a tight position and makes it very hard to change with someone with bigger hands, the Bosch is very easy to hold down and change the blade.

Final Thoughts on the Bosch CCS180 Circular Saw

The is a great saw, even if you just buy it by itself.  The balance is great and we like the fact it utilizes a 6 1/2 blade.  The most important item we like is that it is powered by an 18V Fat Pack which is a 2.6Ah.  As we mentioned above, a circular saw requires the right balance of power and weight in order to be effective.  Bosch did a great job by providing enough power to this to make it useful and actually work for long periods in between charges and not bog down.



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