Bosch Blaze Giveaway

Bosch Blaze Giveaway Winners

You can tell we like giving away free tools, right? We have done several tool giveaways lately and we have more coming, so stay tuned! This time, we are giving away two Bosch Blaze Laser Distance Measurers. One of the most coveted tools on the market today, they are used by everyone from Home Interior Designers to General Contractors. LDMs are surprisingly versatile and without a doubt, Bosch makes some of the best!

Bosch Blaze Giveaway

The GLM400CL has a few special qualities that stood out to us during our review, one of the most notable is the adjustable camera. Sync it to your tablet or phone and you can store information about measurements using Bosch MeasureOn App, something that comes in handy when you’re busy on a job site. This LDM has the ability to measure outdoors as well as up to 400 feet. This LDM measures real-time length, length, area, and volume, as well as the ability to make adjustments to capture indirect measurements. You can even find the pitch using the built-in inclinometer. This model from Bosch also stores the last 600 images, and 50 measurements for the user, a feature sure to come in handy! For full specs on the GLM400CL, check it out on Bosch’s website.

Here’s How To Enter-

This is easy guys, there will be two winners, one chosen from each of the two entry options. This contest will end at Midnight CST September 6th, with the winners announced on Monday, September 10th, right here on

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Head on over to YouTube and comment on the Video below with why you love Bosch! The second winner will be chosen right from the comment section.



  1. The video posted here doesn’t play. Which youtube video should we comment on, to gain an extra entry?
    Thank you. Bosch really is totally awesome.

  2. I meant to say that it does work now. And then add a smiley face, but it got changed to a question mark. We can’t use emojis? Lol. It does work now. Thank you Sarah.

  3. I love Bosch because they make a great product at a great price ( this includes Bosch tools and Bosch appliances and Automotive parts).


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