Klein Cooler Review

Klein Cooler Review

Seems like every power tool manufacturer is coming out with a cooler. Some of them I am loving, while others, well let’s just say they should stick with power tools. Klein has a couple of coolers on the market, which I think have been great coolers. So how does this one stack up? Let’s take a look at the Klein Cooler Review and see.

Klein Cooler Review Overview

If you’re in the trades (well even if you’re not), you know how much money you can save by bringing your food each day. Let’s face it, by the time you pay for transportation, pay Uncle Sam and grab some food, it’s pretty hard to make money each day. So if you can find a way to save a couple of dollars, well you’re coming out ahead of the game.

Here is the problem, finding a cooler that is easy to carry around since you have other things you’re carrying to the job every day. You need a cooler that will last the whole day and something you can pack in a bunch of drinks along with some food for lunch and sometimes dinner. With all this, you need something that will take the abuse of transporting it every day and getting beat up. That is where I think the Klein cooler fits in.  This isn’t a soft cooler, it’s a hard cooler that is designed for durability, food storage and to keep things cold all day long.

Klein Cooler Review Features

Klein Cooler Review

The Klein cooler is made from a Polypropylene and Polyethylene Plastic which gives it strength and durability. The walls are thick and the cooler has Polyurethane Foam for insulation.

The Klein is a 9-quart cooler and has an 11 can capacity. Klein states it will keep food cold for up to 30 hours.

Klein Cooler Review

The cooler features a foldable plastic handle which means if you want to sit on the lid, the handle will not get in the way.

Klein Cooler Review

The lid is flat and can be used as a seat. The lid can support up to 300 lbs and has a dimension of 6.5” x 4” x 1″. You can also lock the lid and prevent someone from taking your favorite treat.

Klein Cooler Review

Opening up the cooler you can see it doesn’t look as big from the inside as it does from the outside and that is primarily due to the thick insulated walls.

Under the lid is a place for dry storage such as utensils, napkin or other small food items.

Klein Cooler Review

The cooler uses a stainless steel rod to attach the lid to the body of the cooler.

Klein Cooler Review Performance

When I was a laborer I use to travel to downtown Chicago and this is what I would bring.  Well, I would pack two sandwiches but for this, I got hungry and ate them.  However, as you can see, it would be more than enough room to fit a couple of sandwiches in the cooler too.

Klein Cooler Review

For this day I packed it with ice and wanted to leave it outside to see how it performed. So I left it in direct sunlight from about 8:00 in the morning until 6 or 7:00 at night. I did leave it out there overnight. The temperature for that day was in the mid 90’s. As a note, the drinks were room temperature when we put the ice in the cooler.

Klein Cooler Review

When I came back the next day, you can see most of the ice was melted, but there was still ice and the drinks were cold. So when Klein says it will work for 30 hours, I can easily see this cooler keeping things cold. Especially if you leave it in the shade or the temperature isn’t as hot as when we tested it.

Klein Cooler Review Value

You can buy this on Amazon for about $45. Sure you can get cheaper cooler, but I did like this cooler and like the thick walls for those days it has to sit in direct sunlight.

I have a Coleman 9-quart cooler that I used back in the 90’s that I still have and works great for half the cost. However, if I do have a longer day, I notice it doesn’t last as long as the Klein.

Klein Cooler Review Final Thoughts

Bottomline, I like this cooler. If your workday might be longer than 8 hours, this is a great cooler to own. If you have a predetermined time you will be gone and won’t change and won’t be over 8 hours, you can find a cheaper cooler. Sure it won’t be as neat as the Klein, but you can save a couple of dollars. While I wish it would hold a 2 liter of pop, I love all the room in the cooler and love how long it keeps food and drinks cold. It’s a purchase I wouldn’t be disappointed with.


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