Bosch GLM400CL Review

Bosch GLM400CL Review

When it comes to LDMs, it’s no secret that I am a huge fan of Bosch. Besides the quality of their LDM products, I love the large line they offer. Bosch doesn’t have a one size fits all attitude. They have something simple for a quick measurement with a single push button which is great for a realtor or homeowner. Then they also have advanced LDM’s for the builders or tradesmen who need more freedom and more options. Which brings me to my favorite LDM by Bosch, the GLM400CL. OK, so I gave it away that I love this LDM, but I still want to cover the Bosch GLM400CL review and tell you why I love this tool and why it’s worth the money.

Bosch GLM400CL Review Overview

LDMs are a quick and easy way to take a measurement. The best part about an LDM is they are accurate and can be performed by a single person. Another plus is that you can take longer measurements that might be hard with a tape. The downside to an LDM is while they have the ability to take long distance measurements, you never really know where the measurement was taken from.

If you’re lucky enough to have good eyesight and can see a small red dot 100′ feet away, you still have to wonder if you got it right. When you actually pressed the measurement button, was the red dot still where you thought it was or did it move while taking a measurement? Now put in bright light or overcast conditions and it’s extremely hard to see that far away.

Bosch has come up with a way to take everything to love about an LDM and solve the problem of questionable measurements with their GLM400CL. Simple solution, they added a screen. While they aren’t the first surely it is one of the best for the money.

Bosch GLM400CL Review Features

Bosch GLM400CL Review

The Bosch GLM400C and GLM400CL is a full range LDM that can take measurements up to 400′ away. This tool is designed to take measurements in any light condition, even bright sunlight. This tool features a scratch proof screen and has an accuracy of +/- 1/16″.

The LDM has memory for 50 measurements and can also store up to 200 images.

Bosch GLM400CL Review

The LDM features an easy to use control pad and has two ways to take a measurement, on the front or side of the tool.

Bosch GLM400CL Review

On the Bosch GLM400CL, the camera is on the front. So point the tool where you want to take the measurement. When you take a measurement, it also takes a picture.

On the bottom of the tool, you can push a red button which will allow you to take a measurement form a different spot such as the back of the tool or back of the stick. When you open this up, the settings menu will automatically open and ask where you want to take a measurement from. Options include, the pin, the front, tripod or rear.

Bosch GLM400CL Review

While the GML400C uses three AA batteries, the GLM400CL uses an internal lithium battery that can be charged via the included micro USB cable.

OK here is where this tool shines. Bosch designed this with a color, crystal clear 5.0-megapixel screen. I feel like I am watching a TV screen when taking a measurement. The screen isn’t graining or choppy, just a great picture.

I can easily see the target on the screen in red. Once I take a measurement, it takes a picture and the target turns green showing me where I took the measurement from.

The LDM is real time and doesn’t have a delay like we have seen in other LDM we have tested over the years. Additionally, the numbers are large and easy to read.

On the screen, there is a min, max, and real-time measurement. Plus it shows you a level, battery life and what point you are taking a measurement from on the tool such as back, front or tripod.

Bosch GLM400CL Review

If you lay the LDM on the side, it will automatically flip the screen so you can read it sideways.

The Bosch offers an 8X zoom which is a great feature. If you get the zoom in 8X, it’s a little grainy but still clear considering the size. I can still easily see what I am taking a measurement of when in 8X zoom.

I am not going to talk about all the options but as you can see, this little LDM has a wide range of options and features to set up and use.

Bosch GLM400CL Review

On the back of the LDM, there is a thread so you can use this with a tripod.

Bosch GLM400CL Review Performance

I have to say that for all the options and everything this can do, it’s amazing how easy it is to operate. I am not a huge tech geek so sometimes technology can stump me pretty easy. With the Bosch GLM400CL though, I could navigate it easily and set up was simple.

The biggest question was the camera and monitor. I know Bosch is accurate but I was still curious to really see how this tool stacks up and how well I can make a measurement and see exactly what I was measuring. The 5 megapixel is beautiful and I can easily see what I am looking at. No grainy pictures and no questionable measurements. I can easily see the screen.

If I had a question about a measurement though, I could use the zoom feature, which was surprisingly clear. Again, no issues on what I actually took a measurement of. I also like being able to go back and look at previous measurements.

Bosch GLM400CL Review Value

The GLM400CL retails for about $229 at The Home Depot. I think this is a great deal for a variety of reasons.

First, this LDM is accurate. Second, it’s simple to use. Third, the screen is crystal clear.  Fourth, and most importantly, you know where you’re taking your measurement from. No more guessing. Take your measurement and be on your way.

For those who think it’s a little pricey, that is the exact reason Bosch has different products in their LDM. Finding one in your price range and with only the features you need is always a plus in our mind.

Bosch GLM400CL Review Final Thoughts

As with the other LDMs we have done over the years, this Bosch is a top pick. Not for everyone, but those who need to know exactly what they are measuring. There isn’t another option in this price range that will give you the detail, accuracy, and piece of mind this GLM400CL gives you. The resolution is awesome and zooming through the options is easy. For me, it’s hard to find anything I don’t like about this LDM.


  1. I have the GLR825 and I go through 3 AAA batteries every three weeks. I was wondering what the battery life was on this and how many measurements one can get out of it? And how long it will possibly last in the filed before needing a recharge?

    • Good question. I believe that is an older model but one of the top ones that measure far. I don’t know the total measurements per battery life. I would imagine it would be much less than the ones nowadays that are more efficient. I would image it’s hard to tell since one person might only use it for 10 measurements per day but leave it on for a total of 30 minutes, while another person might make 40 measurements but turn it off after each use and only have it on for 10 minutes. Wish I had a better answer but I checked their site and couldn’t find anything.

  2. Your review was great but your model is glm400c not glm400cl
    The model designated cl comes with rechargeable battery and cost around $290-$300 i was kinda bummed to find out your link is for the cheaper one

    • That model that we did review is the Glm400CL. This is the rechargeable model. Sorry about the link. We went through the HD website and don’t see the CL model listed. We had the C model in case someone wanted the unit and didn’t care about the rechargeable feature. Sorry to have the wrong link and bum you out. If I can find the correct link, I will send it your way. Thanks for the feedback.

  3. I’d rather have the 400c because I can carry spare batteries, rechargeable or single use . With 400cl I have to get to a charging station because the built in battery is not swappable for a fresh one.

    Therefore the 400cl should be the cheaper.


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