Black And Decker 36V Lithium Sweeper/Vacuum LSWV36


Gas blowers are powerful and great for large areas where a lot of power is needed. Home-owners generally do not need the power or the headaches that come with a gas blower. Most non-gas units usually use a power cord which can limit your range and hamper your blowing efforts.  Advances in battery technology in recent years have allowed blowers to finally become cordless. I didn’t expect the Black and Decker 36V blower to wow me with power and run-time considering it is rated at 120mph. That being said I cannot believe how much I use it and how convenient it is, especially for indoor use like a garage. I use it almost everyday to blow out my garage and it works like a charm.

cordless blower

cordless blower 3

cordless blower 4

The blower vac also has a vacuuming feature that is easy to set up.  You simply pull the guard off the intake and attach the vacuum tube. The blower nozzle then slides off and the bag is added. The vacuum feature worked OK for light dry leaves, but did not do well around mulch beds where it sucked up mulch that would jam the motor. It has a 1-6 power setting to extend run-time, I just used the high power setting for most of my chores. The LSWV36 did a great job of blowing my patio and garden bed areas.  At 5.6lbs it is relatively light making it easier on your body.

cordless blower 2

cordless blower 1

It comes with a 2 hr charger that will get you to around 80% full in one hour. Overall I really like this sweeper, it is great to have around the house and I use it constantly.  Another thing it does great at is blowing out your boat before you go for a ride.  The possibility’s are endless!  Everyone needs a cordless blower and the LSWV36 is a great choice.


  1. Great writeup Dan, cordless lawn tools keep getting better and better, I am a big fan of the Black and decker Alligator, try to get your hands on one, its a great tool, I like how this has a large fuel gauge on the back and a vaccum feature. Keep up the great work!

  2. Great review Dan! You made some good points about why this is a good blower. No gas (starting to like that more and more), convenient, power setting to save battery.


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