ACDelco ARI2061 18V 1/2 Impact Wrench 1 Year Review – Tough Tested


We gave an ACDelco ARI2061 18V 1/2 Impact Wrench to Ray Sagan and Sons Machinery Moving Company a little over a year ago. They are the ultimate testbed to abuse tools in a real world environment.  Previous big name brands barely lasted a year at Sagans.  The ARI2061 is now barely recognizable. It looked like it had been dropped thousands of times and been through a warzone.  I got to talking with the boys and found out that it is their go-to tool. It has plenty of power to handle every task they put it to. From disassembling crates and driving nuts to torquing down heavy machinery.  The ARI2065 did not let them down.

ACDelco is designed for the serious mechanic. We can talk about tools all day long and tell you how great they really are. Bottom line is it takes real world situations like this to truly see how tough they are.  I witnessed first hand other brands impacts not holding up to this abuse,  So far ACDelco come through. Mechanics trust ACDelco and after seeing this Tool In Action, I do to. Check out our original ACDelco ARI2061 review.

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  1. This is great – definitely appreciate your follow ups to see how the tool performs long term. Awesome. I’d love to see more of these!

  2. I really like the long term tests, it really shows How good a tool is. Ac delco is really stepping it up, keep up the great work!

  3. Great long term update! Thank you! Really shows what a tool is made of. That acdelco being used in that environment that intensely for that long, that is one AWESOME impact wrench. Another great tool review guys!

  4. good follow up review on AcDelco ..have acdelco floor jack had for 7 year
    still works with no leaks. can,t say that about big jack loves to leave
    puddles on floor..hope see more ac delco products. hmmm might have to
    see make big saddle floor jack. cheers


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