Black and Decker 20V Hot Glue Gun BDCGG20 – First Look

cordless hot glue gun

Black and Decker 20V Hot Glue Gun BDCGG20

Everyone needs and loves hot glue.  It allows you to place, fix and secure just about anything. The problem has always been the glue guns, they just suck.  The cords are always to short, they don’t flow well and generally are of cheap quality.  There have been some attempts made at cordless glue guns but they take forever and the batteries don’t usually last long.

Black and Decker 20V Hot Glue Gun BDCGG20 2

Finally someone has come and hit the nail on the head in this category.  We got a  sneak peek at the new 125W Black and Decker 20V cordless glue gun.  I have to say its perfect!  The build quality is stellar and feels more like a drill than a glue gun.  It is rugged, ergonomic and has a comfortable rubber grip.  The long trigger travel allows you to run a long consistent bead of hot glue. This all means you get a more professional looking result.

Black and Decker 20V Hot Glue Gun BDCGG20The gun is powered by a 20V Black and Decker 1.5 Ah  lithium-ion battery.  This gets the glue hot in 90 seconds and provides a run time of up to 3 hours.  Since the battery is interchangeable you can get all day run times with just 2 batteries.  It’s great for light production work.  It has a 2 year warranty and should be on store shelves in early 2016 for $45 bare and $79 with one 1.5Ah battery.



  1. I still have yet to see this thing supposed to come out in February 2016 searches come up blank except for YouTube video and link to tools in action I think b and d needs a swift kick in the ass to get them moving you can’t believe anything these corpse put out doesn’t come up on b and d website

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