Bosch 2.5 Ah 12V Batteries.


In my opinion, Bosch has one of the most under rated 12V lines around.  It’s weird because they are one of my favorite 12V lines along with Milwaukee.  I love there 12v drill and impact and is probably one of my most used 12V tools.  Anyways, I am happy to let you know that Bosch has just improved their 12V line with an introduction of a 2.5 Ah batter, model BAT415.  The 2.5 Ah will give the user roughly 25% more runtime than their previous 2 Ah batteries.  The batteries will work down to -4 degree Fahrenheit.  If you are a Bosch fan and use their 12V tools, this would make a nice addition.  It seems to be the same size as the 2 Ah batteries and they will work with all your 12V Bosch tools.


  1. Bosch has the second best 12v lineup. Milwaukee has the most depth, but bosh’s brushless tools are much more compact compared to Milwaukee. The M12 Fuel tools are all about power while Bosch concentrated on size. Makita has that new slide pack 12v line which I’m curious to see how that grows, and the Dewalt 12v line is pretty much stagnant except for the occasional test and measurement tool that uses it.

  2. I’ve never used any Bosch 12v tools but I’d like to bring up the company’s customer service support in at least Dremel division of the brand was awesome. I had a issue with there ez connect kit I posted review on the Dremel website my issue and the same day a Bosch/Dremel representative sent me a email on how they can make it right. I never expected that, just wanted to save someone else the headache. Maybe you guys could start a conversation on the TIA website about tool companies and the customer service for when you have a issue and how good or bad people’s experiences were. As always keep up the good work TIA.

    • I can say that my experience with Bosch customer service has been really great. They are my go-to power tool brand for most things, and I have contacted service via phone and live chat, and have always been more than happy with the results, they have gone above and beyond. I met a Bosch rep at a trade show, and he sent me an accessory insert for an L-boxx for free that I had been wanting. No doubt other tool brands have good service, but I can vouch for Bosh customer service.

  3. Now if they could get their 12v Brushless tools here, I’d be in for a new drill and impact. Oh, and their version of a lit’l sawzall.

    With regards to Dremel, it sure would be nice if the Corporate Overlords would force the bozos at Dremel to use the SAME BATTERIES as the Bosch 12v tools are using.

  4. Dan and Eric did a video about Milwaukee customer support on a broken product, and a few people on the forum have sent things in and Milwaukee is pretty freaking fast its around a week at most depending on when you shipped it and how far away you are from the warehouse. The other nice thing is they seem to give you a new tool instead of fixing it for the most part.


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