Milwaukee Gen 2 Fuel 1/4″ Hex Impact Driver – 2753


Milwaukee is bringing some bad a** tools to the market, not that they didn’t before, but I have to say these blow away their previous versions.  Now Milwaukee brought to market it’s Gen 2 Fuel 1/4″ Impact Driver, model 2753.  You can get this tool as a bare tool or with different battery configurations such as compact or XC batteries.  You can even get a kit with their new Gen 2 drill.  If you get this with the XC batteries, it comes with the new 5.0Ah batteries.

Coming in at 1,800 in-lbs of torque, a user has more than enough power to drive any fastener into place.  Sure power is great, but if you can’t control it, what good is it?  With this impact you will notice it has a button on the base of the tool.  This allows the user to switch between 1, 2 and 3 speed, plus the option for sheet metal screw applications. Bottom line, it gives the user plenty of control.

  • Mode 1 – 0-850 RPM
  • Mode 2 – 0-2,100 RPM
  • Mode 3 – 0-3,000
  • Self Tapping Mode – Starts slow and revs up to prevent walking, then will slow down at finish to prevent breaking and stripping of fasteners

The impact is not only powerful, but compact and lightweight.  For anyone dealing with driving fasteners, this tool is awesome.  It allows the user complete control and versatility to drive a wide range of fasteners.


  1. Got the new 2897-22 combo kit and it absolutely is heaven in a red and black case went from black and decker to Milwaukee, due to you’s guys reviews on youtube, (as Dan says it “went to the dark side” thanks for the realness and please don’t sell out keep it real.


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