Bali Shades Review

Bali Shades

Blinds and shades were something I never thought I would be talking about, it’s not my thing.  I thought a shade was a shade.  After remodeling my house and getting into blinds and shades, I realized that not all blinds and shades are created equal.  So I have had my shades up for over six months and wanted to revisit them to see the quality and my thoughts after having them in use for a while.  So let’s jump in and see the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Bali Shade Review – Overview

Before the remodel, we just had some cheap, inexpensive blinds we bought from Home Depot.  We had the blinds for about three years.  In those three years, we replaced two of them within the first month and by the time we took them out three years later, we had replaced about half of them.  The blinds stopped working or the cords broke or something else caused them to be junked.

Another thing I noticed was that within about four months, our blinds had dust all over them.  We tried to clean them but were never really successful.

So for me, I just thought that was how blinds are.  They are cheap, you are paying for a name, and don’t expect much.

Well, this was before I found out about Bali.

Bali Shade Review – Company

So who is Bali?  I did a ton of research and settled with Bali for a number of reasons but you can read all that in our previous story.

For me, there were plenty of reasons to go with Bali but the most important was reputation.  Since I didn’t know much about blinds, I wanted to find a company that really cares about their product and quality.  So Bali was the company.

Bali Shade Review – Installing

Before I jump into the longer-term review, take a look at our Bali Blind Install article so you know what to expect.  If you don’t have the time or desire to read it, basically I talk about how easy it is to measure and install the blinds.  Something I wasn’t expecting.

Bali Shade Review – Looks & Variety

Another reason I went with Bali was the look and variety of styles.  We were able to pick a color and style that matched our taste and our house.  While some companies only offer a few options, Bali had a wide variety of styles.

After we installed the shades, it was amazing how nice the look was.  The blinds made our rooms pop when we wanted and blended in when we didn’t want that pop.  Still to this day, six months later, when I walk around my house I appreciate how much a blind can really impact a room.

Bali Shade Review – Operation

Having had experience with cheaper blinds, I can say there truly is a difference – you get what you pay for.  The Bali blinds are extremely smooth.  It doesn’t matter if we are opening from the top or the bottom, the blinds are always smooth.  It’s not like one blind is smooth and another blind is harder to use.  All the blinds in our house operate smoothly.

When we put the blinds up, they stay up.  They don’t drop down an inch because they are loose.  They stay tight to the top.

Talk about quality, we have the top-down blinds meaning we can push the blind down so only the top of the window is showing.  Bali didn’t cut corners here.  The magnets they use are extremely strong and I know I will never have to worry about the blinds not being able to stay up.

Bottom line, the operation is smooth and you couldn’t ask for a better operation of a blind or shade.

Bali Shade Review – Quality

So as far as quality, if every company put this much quality into their product, nothing would break.  I haven’t had one blind break, even in my kids’ room where they are hard on everything.  They open the blinds like madmen, they throw balls all over hitting the blinds and they still look and work great.

Now at six months post-install when operating the shades they still feel like they did the first day.  Nothing has loosened up.  They still feel new.

Check out the other article we have about Bali Blinds and Shades.

Bali Shade Review – Wrap Up

I know I probably sound like a salesman, but I am not.  This is just a product I really believe in and trust.  I went from not caring about blinds and shades to actually being amazed at this world.  For me, there is a huge difference, I would pay a little extra for the quality you get with Bali.

Bali offers quality, style, and features to make any home better.  There aren’t a lot of companies that I really trust to create a product worth the money.  Bali is one of those few companies I feel like you get way more than what you pay for.

If you are looking for blinds or shades, look no further than Bali.


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