Wilton Multi-Purpose Bench Vise

Wilton Multi-Purpose Bench Vise

Not all vises are created equal.  Sure they may look similar and provide the same function but when you use a Wilton vise, you can feel the difference.  Wilton makes one of the best vices on the market.  The craftsmanship is top-notch and it shows.  Once you lock anything into the jaws, it will stay in place, no matter how much torque you are putting on the material.  It will stay in place until you decide to remove it.  I could go on and on about Wilton and the quality, but let’s jump into the Wilton Multi-Purpose Bench Vise.

Wilton Multi-Purpose Bench Vise Information

  • Name – Multi-Purpose Bench Vise, 6-1/2″ Jaw Width”, 360° Rotating Head & Base
  • Model – 650P
  • Price – $279
  • Where to BuyBuy Online
  • More InformationWilton Vise

Wilton Multi-Purpose Bench Vise Features

Wilton Multi-Purpose Bench Vise

The Wilton 650P is a 6″ vise with a throat depth of 3-1/4″ and a jaw width of 6-1/2″.  This is a multiple purpose vise so yes you can hold pipe also.  The pipe jaw capacity is 5/8″ to 3″.

The hardened steel head jaws have a serrated pattern to ensure grip, and a great feature is that these are replaceable.

The body and movable jaw are 30,000 PSI gray cast iron and the base is 60,000 PSI ductile iron.  So yes, this is probably the last vise you will ever own.

Wilton Multi-Purpose Bench Vise

The vise features a large handle which gives more leverage to tighten and loosen the jaws.

The vise features both a serrated pattern head (which are replaceable) and a head for the pipe.

Wilton Multi-Purpose Bench Vise

On the back of the vise, there is a built-in anvil for forming and shaping different types of materials.

Wilton Multi-Purpose Bench Vise

There are four built-in mounting holes to mount to a table or tailgate.

Wilton Multi-Purpose Bench Vise

On the back, there is a hand, built-in scale for measuring.

The head rotates 360° with ease.  Great if you need to clamp material at different angles.

As you can see on the back, the screw is a heavy-duty metal screw for longevity.

Wilton Multi-Purpose Bench Vise Our Thoughts

When it comes to vises, Wilton is one of the best.  They dominate the industry because they build quality vises that last.  In fact, I am sure you will find a Wilton vise on your grandfather’s workbench or a Wilton that has been sitting on the back of a construction truck for years exposed to all the elements.

This new vise is no different.  The quality is what you would expect from Wilton.  The vise easily opens and closes without having to force or fight anything.  One of my favorite features is how you can pretty much position it in any direction for both pipes and clamping to allow you to efficiently work on any project.

Wilton Multi-Purpose Bench Vise Wrap Up

Bottom line, this vise is our top pick for vises.  The quality is superior, the ease of use is simple and it locks projects in place while you wrench on them.  Once you have something locked in the jaws, you have the peace of mind knowing it will stay there until you decide otherwise.  If you are looking for a vise, look no further, this is the vise to own.


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