3D Printing From Space


As 3D printing technology advances, it never never ceases to amaze me what they’re doing with it. Working firearms, artificial limbs for animals, live tissue organs, and all kinds of other crazy stuff, and the latest achievement emailing objects to space.

According to this report from iflscience.com, NASA emailed a ratchet design to Astronauts aboard the international space station, who in turn printed it, and used it.

NASA 3D Printer

It’s absolutely insane to sit and imagine the impact 3D printing will eventually have on our daily lives. From living organs on demand, to instant merchandise in the consumer market, it isn’t hard to imagine that future generations will regard 3D printing as one of the most revolutionary innovations in the history of mankind.



  1. Absolutely an amazing time we live in Travis. Technological advances are happening so quickly that it makes you think back to the time you lived in as a kid as almost archaic. Cool find dude!

  2. Wow that’s really cool. You’d think that technology could only go so far. Then you see stories like this. It’s crazy ridiculous. I need a 3-d printer so I can make a never before seen tool lol. Great article TIA.

  3. This is absolutely amazing! Technology rocks!

    If I had spare change, I would definitely buy a 3D printer. The things that you can build with them are endless. Just the other day, a buddy of mine sent me a video of his soon using a duck call he printed out on his 3D printer at school. And it sounded pretty damn GOOD too!

  4. Very cool conductor its mind blowing how technology has advanced in the past years to now it makes me wonder what our kids will experience and see in there futures.

  5. Yea I read about that in the news the other day technology is really changing really fast now a days I would love to have a 3D printer. TIA


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