2018 Top 10 Power Tool Christmas Gifts

2018 Top 10 Power Tool Christmas Gifts

2018 is all most over and you know what that means. It’s time for our annual gift guides.  But before we go one, let’s sum up 2018. I am a year older, a little heavier, less hair on my head and a little more senile. What a great year. If that is any indication for 2019, I say bring it on. Well your not here to learn about my shortcomings, but we are here to talk about my top picks for Holiday gifts for the tool lover in your life. Let’s jump into the 2018 Top 10 Power Tool Christmas Gifts.

1Milwaukee Table Saw

I have been using the heck out of my saw and cutting everything from old oak thresholds to old cedar. I love the power, runtime and being able to move it with ease. The saw with a battery runs about $550. Check out our Milwaukee Table Saw review or pick one up at The Home Depot.

2Ryobi Score Speakers

When I first reviewed this a while back, I knocked them for the price. Over that time, the price has come down. This is my most used speaker system as I use them when I am working in the yard, hanging out by the fire, golfing and playing sports with the kids. The runtime is awesome, the sounds are good and love how easy it is to move them around, not to mention being able to hook up 5 speakers together. Check out our Ryobi Score Speaker Review or pick them up at the Home Depot for about $100.

3Milwaukee Tape Measure

I have always been a fan of the Stanley FatMax. However, since I have been remodeling my house, I have been using the Milwaukee tapes. They seem to last the longest and be extremely rugged. Milwaukee has a wide range of tape types and sizes. A little pricier than other brands but well worth it. Check them out at The Home Depot.

4Franklin Sensor

This has been one of Tools in Action favorites for a long time. Very accurate and easy to use. We love how it will detect a single or multiple studs with a simple to read LED light. You can pick this up on Amazon for about $50. While on Amazon, check out their reviews.  They have over 3K reviews with a 4.5 average rating.

5Bosch Blaze LDM’s

Bosch is known for their wide range of reliable LDM’s. You can get anything from a simple single push button to a high tech top of the line LDM. Year after year, Bosch has been one of the top performers for LDM’s. Check out our reviews or check them out on Amazon.

6Milwaukee Drill/Driver & Impact

Milwaukee hit a home run with their new compact drill/driver and impact. Both are extremely small, lightweight but both pack a powerful punch. I have been using this every day and still as strong now as they were the first day. You can see our Milwaukee review or check them out at The Home Depot. The kit runs about $380 with two batteries.

7Porter Cable Pin Nailer

I haven’t reviewed this pin nailer. In fact, I was building a mantle and shelving and realized I didn’t have a pin nailer. So I went to Home Depot and bought this nailer. While I wish it would hold more nails, I love how smooth and powerful it is. Sure it’s not cordless, but this is a rock star in the pin nailer world. You can pick this up at The Home Depot for about $120.

8Dewalt TStak Radio

Small and powerful, what else do you want in a radio. While I use my Score system everywhere, this has been one of my main radios in my house remodeling project. I love how loud and clear the radio sounds. What else would you want in a radio? The unit runs about $200 on Amazon.

9Milwaukee M12 Rocket Light

Milwaukee is known for their Rocket Lights which is their cordless LED lights. The M12 is a small version that is powerful and easy to move around. While I am not a huge fan of the battery design (taking in and out), I do love the light and is perfect for workshops, job sites, camping and more. The Hybrid option makes this a versatile lighting option. You can buy this at The Home Depot for about $150 which unfortunately is a bare tool.

10Bosch 360° Green Laser

Not everyone is going to have a need for this laser but this is my favorite laser on the market. You get a true 360-degree line for three different planes. This laser is accurate and easy to see. Plus it’s a Bosch so you know it’s built tough. While a little pricey for some, it’s worth every penny for those who need a laser line. Check out our Bosch review or pick this up on Amazon.



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