Milwaukee Table Saw Review

Milwaukee Table Saw Review

When it comes to cordless tools, Milwaukee has one of the largest lines in the market. Not too many companies can compete with their plethora of products. Their M18 batteries allow them to support a vast range of tools which is anything from a small drill to a high demand HoleHawg. However there was always something lacking for me, a table saw. Well, they finally released one and I was able to put one to the test. Now that I have one in my possession, all I can say is it’s not what I expected. Let’s jump in and take a look at the Milwaukee Table Saw Review.

Milwaukee Table Saw Review Overview

Over the year’s power tool manufacturers have been trying extremely hard to create a cordless job site. While it’s not an easy task, they have come a long way, especially since the invention of Lithium-Ion power tool batteries. We are starting to see high demand tools like table saws, miter saws, rotary hammers and more, working off a single battery. While they still have a long way to go, Milwaukee just got one step closer with their 18V cordless table saws, 2736-21HD.

Milwaukee has a great battery with their M18 battery so it was only natural they would have this saw out. There are really only three cordless table saws in the marketplace, the DeWalt Flexvolt, the Metabo and this Milwaukee. However, we can’t get the Metabo over here even though it’s a heck of a saw. So that leaves two options. We will be having a head to head soon, but for now, let’s cover the Milwaukee Cordless Table Saw.

Milwaukee Table Saw Review Features

Milwaukee Table Saw Review Overview

The 2736-21HD is a cordless table saw that can compete with a corded 15 Amp table saw, according to Milwaukee. Milwaukee designed this with a brushless motor to help increase run time and performance.

Milwaukee Table Saw Review Overview

The saw runs on a single M18 12Ah battery which is included in with the saw.

Milwaukee Table Saw Review Overview

Milwaukee includes their rapid charger which also has the ability to charge M12 batteries.

Since this is a portable saw, you have two ways to transport this saw. There is a single handle that lets you carry it on the side of your body. Or you can grab the table itself with both hands and move the saw in front of your body.

All the accessories such as the guard, riving knife, miter and more are all store directly on the body of the saw. For me, I like how easy it is to access and store on the saw.

To store the riving knife, you just place the end of the knife over a plastic piece and turn the plastic piece to lock in place. It’s a very easy way to store and retrieve accessories on the fly.

Milwaukee Table Saw Review Overview

As with other table saw, you can adjust the height, up to 2-1/2″ using the rotational handle. Some might complain as you need around 12 turns to get the blade all the way up. I know some prefer saws where it’s a single turn. For me, I don’t care. I grew up having to turn the knob numerous times so it’s normal for me. I do feel like it turns extremely smooth compared to some of the other saws we have tested over the years.

Milwaukee Table Saw Review Overview

While some will want a 10″ blade, this saw is equipped with an 8-1/4″ which is the same as the Dewalt Flexvolt.

All the numbers for bevel and inches are extremely easy to see and read

To turn the saw on, there is a red pull button in the front which is protected by a hard plastic case. When you’re done cutting, you can bump the saw off with your knee extremely easily.

Milwaukee Table Saw Review Overview

The rack and pinion are extremely smooth and accurate. I love how smooth this system is when changing cut sizes.

Milwaukee Table Saw Review Overview

The table will extend up to 24.5″ rip capacity. Just pull down on the lever, move the table and lock back in place.

One of the best features of this saw is the fence. The fence locks down on both the front and back meaning you not only can get a true fence but a fence that stays in place when making cuts. The fence doesn’t wobble or bend like most other saws do.

Milwaukee Table Saw Review Overview

On the back of the saw, you can attach a dust collection system.

Milwaukee Table Saw Review Overview

Milwaukee uses a ton of metal for the gears which means it more durable over some of the plastic we have seen with other manufacturers.

Milwaukee Table Saw Review Overview

The saw features One-Key so you can track and manage the saw.

Milwaukee made a great system to change the riving knife and blade. Instead of having to take the plate off, you can pull a lever under the table saw and it unlocks the pressure plate for the riving knife. Very cool.

To remove the plate, this saw is like most models where you can turn a piece on the front of the plate and then remove the plate. Not sure what the plate is made of, but it doesn’t seem to be plastic, which is a huge plus for me. I like the durability of this plate.

Milwaukee Table Saw Review Overview

As noted, the saw has a 24.5″ rip capacity with the table fully open. Perfect for a piece of plywood.

Milwaukee does offer a stand. The stand is easy to set up and get the saw in position. Just slide the back of the saw onto the stand. Then you can lock the front down. They did figure out a really easy and reliable stand configuration for the saw.

Milwaukee Table Saw Review Overview

Once the saw is on the stand, you can pick up the saw and the stand will stay attached.

As far as the stand, while it’s easy to set up and take down the saw, I think there is room for improvement. First, I wish it was a little taller. Second, when folded up, I wish it laid completely flat. Don’t get me wrong, it lays flat, but the legs are still up a little and it gets caught on stuff when taking it out of the truck. Third, the adjustable leg. They need a wing nut on there or something bigger instead of a small nut included. If I am bending over, I want to be able to adjust the leg easily and not have to mess with a small nut.

Milwaukee Table Saw Review Performance

This saw is awesome and performs as a corded table saw. I love how smooth and powerful the saw cuts. Sure a bigger blade and capacity would be nice, but not a huge deal breaker as that’s not what I use my table saw for. Most of the stuff I use the saw for is small rips below 2-1/2″.

I love how easy it is to put on and take off the riving knife and blade guard.

Milwaukee Table Saw Review Overview

Even ripping a 2×4, the saw doesn’t bog down. Sure if you try and jam it through the blade, but I don’t know anyone who cuts like that. For a 2×4 and a standard rip, this saw performs awesome.

I would like to see a support on the back end. Yes, it will increase the weight, but that is something I tend to rely on when I am cutting longer pieces by myself.

Even a 2×4 with a bevel angle, this saw cuts flawlessly. Best part, the fence stays in place and doesn’t move or wobble.

I don’t do a ton of miter cuts, but the miter system is nice and does a good job for those who use this features.

Milwaukee Table Saw Review Overview

The best part of this system is the ability to put it in the back of my truck. While I am not a huge fan of the stand, I do like how easy it is to break away from the saw. I can easily take the saw off and put it in the back of my truck. The stand folds up small and quick to slide right next to the saw in the back of my truck.

Milwaukee Table Saw Review Value

You can pick this saw up at The Home Depot for about $550. Sure that sounds like a lot of money and let’s face it, that is a lot of money. But for this table saw, it’s a steal. I think the build quality is insane, the fence is awesome, the power is hard to believe and the runtime will make you wonder what’s in the batteries.

This is a saw that is built for some serious work and a true cordless table saw. Sure it won’t compete against your cabinet saws, but it’s not meant to. This is a portable saw that can fill a need in a cordless world.

Milwaukee Table Saw Review Final Thoughts

Milwaukee hit a home run with this saw. When they designed this saw, they set out to design a real tool that would work on a real job site and be a true cordless solution. The quality is top notch, the power is awesome and the runtime is great. While some will want a bigger blade, you really have to think how most table saws are used on a job site. Sure the extra capacity is great, but I think a majority of cuts are with 2-1/2″ or small. The only thing I would have really loved to see is a hybrid option where I could use an extension cord and power the saw if I am cutting all day long.


    • Such a total improvement over Dewalt!

      PS: Did Dewalt invent the table saw? Own the patent?? I didn’t think so! Pesky facts always ruining your story! At least Milwaukee allows Dewalt to use Lithium-Ion Battery technology for a fee…

  1. Great pictures to go with your narrative. Two questions: how much does it weigh?, and how much is a spare battery?

    • Hello, Chuck! This saw weighs in at 41.6 pounds without the stand or batteries. Batteries are pricey, clocking in at 199.00 for the 12.0 Ah battery. I’d watch for combo sets though, that’s usually the best way to get a good value on batteries. Thank you for the great questions!

      • I just purchased a (brand new) Milwaukee HO 12Ah battery for $119 so the prices are dropping and making them much more reachable for those that desire a back-up or need one to extend their operating time. I love the table saw and I have several of the Milwaukee OPE so this battery will get plenty of use

  2. Such a total improvement over Dewalt!

    A very true statement.

    This saw smokes the flexvolt in every way….with some very clever new design areas added to that.



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