12 Days of Christmas – 2020 – Day 7

Christmas Gift Guide

Sometimes we want to get that “wow” gift for the person we love but we forget about the practical items.  So today we are throwing a practical item that almost anyone could use.  I know what you are thinking, doesn’t everyone have screwdrivers?  What I found is yes, most people have screwdrivers but they are either missing a size or they have cheap junkie ones that don’t work well.  So for Christmas, let’s get the person we love something that is practical and something that is useful, so let’s check out screwdrivers.

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12 Days of Christmas Breakdown

12 Days of Christmas 2020 – Day 7

Product Name

  • Name – Craftsman Screwdriver Set – 12 Piece
  • Model – CMHT65044
  • Price – $17
  • Where to BuyAmazon

  • Name – Soouthwire 8 Piece Screwdriver Set
  • Model – SDSET8
  • Price – $50
  • Where to BuyLowe’s

  • Name – Klein Screwdriver Set – 8 piece
  • Model – 85148
  • Price – $67
  • Where to BuyAmazon

Why Screwdrivers Make the Perfect Gift

It’s hard to only put one option with screwdrivers.  For me, there are three sets on the market that I love, the Craftsman, Southwire, and Klein.  Each one has its plus.

I like the Craftsman because of the price.  The hard plastic handles remind me of the old fashion screwdrivers from back in the day.  This was the first set of screwdrivers I had when I bought my house in 2003.  Yes, I still have some of them.  I have used them for chisels, hammers, and more and they still work today. For the price, they are a great option.

Next in is the Southwire.  Southwire is one of the largest electrical companies around.  My first set of Southwire was about two years ago and they are now my preferred screwdriver.  I love how they feel and for the price and quality, they are a great value.

I also understand that some people really want Klein so I couldn’t pass them up.  While they are pricey compared to the other two alternatives, they are great screwdrivers.

If I had to pick one brand, it would be the Southwire because of the quality and the price, you can’t beat them.

Final Thoughts

Bottom line, screwdrivers are not a sexy and fun gift for most, but they are practical.  How many times do you use a screwdriver throughout the year?  How nice is it to have the right size and one that works great and feels comfortable?  Looking for the perfect gift, you can’t go wrong with screwdrivers.


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