12 Days of Christmas – 2020 – Day 5

Christmas Gift Guide

Day 5 is here and today we have a real treat.  For today’s gifts, we are going with Outdoor Power Equipment, OPE.  While these gifts aren’t the cheapest on our list, they are necessary for all homeowners to own.  We have tested a wide range over the years and going with one of our top performers, Ego.  We had a hard time sticking with one so we are going with 3 today.  Heck, it was even hard sticking to only three products from Ego.

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12 Days of Christmas Breakdown

12 Days of Christmas 2020 – Day 5

Product Name

  • Name – Ego Power+ 650 CFM Blower
  • Model – LB6504
  • Price – $300
  • Where to BuyAmazon

Ego Snow


  • Name – Ego Power+ Snow Blower
  • Model – SNT2102
  • Price – $600
  • Where to BuyAmazon

  • Name – Ego Power+ String Trimmer with Powerload
  • Model – ST1521S
  • Price – $221
  • Where to BuyAmazon

Why Ego Makes the Perfect Gift

So why does Ego make the perfect Christmas gift for 2020?  Simple, they are one of the best.  They came to the market in 2014 and never looked back.  I have a ton of experience with Ego and absolutely love them.  In fact, I still have the first generation lawnmower.  The mower runs just as strong today as it did when I first got it.

When it comes to blowers, every major power tool company has a blower in the market but no one compares to the Ego in regards to quality and performance.  The blower is lightweight and powerful, plus great run time with their 56V batteries.

Next is the snowblower.  Again, talk about power, the Ego has plenty of power to clear most driveways.  If you are looking for a two-stage snow blower, Ego also has a model for you.  We just picked one up and excited to give it a spin. I have owned the single-stage for the past two years and have relied on it for small to large storms.  Each time, it has performed.

The string trimmer is one of my favorites.  Sure it’s powerful, easy to work with, and has a great run time, but my favorite feature is the Powerload.  How much of a pain is it to load the string into the trimmer head?  With the Ego, it’s now simple.  Just put the string through the head, push a button and it will automatically load a new string into the trimmer.  Can’t get any easier.

Final Thoughts

These are not cheap gifts for Christmas but they are gifts that keep on giving all year long.  Ego is one of the best and a name I trust.  I have had a long history with the company and its products.  I have not once ever had a problem with a tool or a battery.  So as a homeowner, I am a huge fan and would recommend them to anyone.


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