11 Holiday Gifts for Families


It’s day four of TIA’s 2023 Holiday Gift Guides. Today’s gift guide is Holiday Gifts for Families. The gifts on this list are great if you’re shopping for your own family or someone else’s. Either way, these gifts promote doing things together as a family, which is what the holidays are all about.

Holiday Gifts for Families

We put together a wide range of gifts that speaks to families with kids both small and young or older kids.

Reusable Wooden Christmas Advent Calendar for DIY Custom Gifts Year after Year

Gifts for Families

My family are advent calendar junkies. I love the traditional chocolate filled ones, but I love how open-ended this is. I see two main ways for families to use this.

  1. Christmas Present Scavenger Hunt: each day is another clue towards one big Christmas day present, such as a trip or tickets to an event, etc.
  2. Holiday Family Activity Guide: every day is filled with a new winter or holiday activity for the family to do. This could be small thing such as drinking hot cocoa, baking cookies, or watching certain Christmas movies. Some days could involve bigger activities like caroling, sledding, and so on.

There are so many ways you can make this a fun part of your families holiday traditions. There are two options available for this model: 24 Drawers or 25 Drawers.

  • TIA Review: We picked this one for a few reasons, love the black and white and the different size drawers. However, some of the drawers are pretty small.
  • Amazon Review: “Just got this yesterday for my daughter. It is well made. I couldn’t find a lot of small things to fit in the drawers so, I decided to put paper numbers in there and then place small, wrapped, gifts in a basket with the coordinating number on them. I will throw in some gag gifts! It will be a lot of fun.”
  • Where to Buy: $39.99 on Amazon.


Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Gifts for Families

If there is one thing all families want it is an easier morning rush. Parents want feed the kids and themselves a fast and nutritious breakfast. Make this a super gift and add in all the fixings they need.

  • Amazon Review: “Parents will love this. It’s fast, easy to use, easy to clean and easy to store. I was looking to add to the breakfast choices I could offer my child but stay within my standard prep time window I have in that regard before school drop off. This makes incredibly quick & healthy sandwich options that I can vary almost infinitely.
    I would highly recommend it.”
  • Where to Buy: $42.99 on Amazon.


Flying Orb Ball Toy, Cosmic Globe Boomerang Hover Ball

Gifts for Families

This gift may seem like it’s for kids, but it’s fun for everyone to play with. In fact, it’s a great toy for everyone when kids are home from school over winter break and need an activity that isn’t outside or in the cold.

  • Amazon Review: “My grandkids loved this couldn’t stop playing!!! I even had so much fun playing with them as well. Love the colors and a lovely little toy for anyone!!!!”
  • Where to Buy: Spin on over to grab this one on Amazon for $29.99.


Time Capsule Activity Book & Picture Book

You and your family can spend some quality holiday time together with this gift. The Time Capsule Activity book is filled with pages to explore and write down your kids’ ideas about the future and your family’s future. And will put you on your way to making a gift of a lifetime. The picture book is great, especially for teaching younger children about time capsules.


Family Time Capsule

Gifts for Families

Now that you’ve got a few books (above) to get you started on a Family Time Capsule, you’re gonna need an actual Time Capsule. There were too many to choose from, so we are providing you an Amazon link to pick one that is best to gift the family on your list.

  • Where to Buy: Amazon ranging in price from $25 to around $100.


Popcorn Movie Night Supplies Variety Pack

Gifts for Families

Sometimes the simplest gifts are the best. Making stovetop popcorn is practically a weekly tradition with my kids before we watch movies on the weekends. This kit adds a little variety in the form of different types of kernels and seasonings.

  • Amazon Review: “I recently purchased the Popcorn Movie Night Supplies Popcorn Kernels and Popcorn Seasoning Set of 16 as a birthday gift for my popcorn-loving mother, and I must say, it was a fantastic choice! The set exceeded all expectations and made for an unforgettable movie night experience.”
  • Where to Buy: $21.98 on Amazon.


NexiGo PJ40 Projector with WiFi and Bluetooth

Gifts for Families

Well if you’re making fun popcorn then you may as well go all in and up your movie viewing game. A projector is a great way to turn your home into a movie theater, except no one looks at you weird when you wear your jammies and you get to bring your own blanket.

  • Amazon Review: “I’ve been using the NexiGo PJ40 Projector every day for a few weeks, and I must say, it exceeded my expectations considering its affordable price tag. This projector offers a range of features that make it a compelling choice for casual home entertainment.”
  • Where to Buy: $349.99 on Amazon, on sale for $251.99.


“Talking Point: Family” A Card Game to Spark Conversation

Gifts for Families

This great gift for families looking to create meaningful conversations between both their own smaller, immediate family, or branching out to extended family that you want to develop a deeper connection with.

  • Amazon Review: “My family has loved these! The questions are fun and thought provoking at the same time. I like getting insight about my kids and husband that I wouldn’t have known otherwise. The questions are fun without being cheesy. We’ve taken them in the car with us and it helps pass the time on road trips. I highly recommend them!”
  • Where to Buy: $37.95 on Amazon, plus multiple themes to choose from.


Ten Hundred Hopes: A collection of wit, wisdom and weird wonderings from a father of four

Gifts for Families

One of my all-time favorite books for and about about the hopes and dreams all parents have for their kids. Put this in your teenager’s stocking and watch them tear up.

  • From the Author: “Ten Hundred Hopes started as wishes for my children and ended as wishes for all children; a reminder to work hard but love harder, to be a person of value not a person of valuables, to know that a lesson learned that is not a lesson lived is a lesson lost, and much more.”
  • Where to Buy: Paperback $9.99, and Kindle versions available on Amazon.



Board games are always a hit, but nothing says family fun like throwing burritos at each other.

  • My Review: Seriously, this is a fun game by a really fun company. Everyone will be laughing. I own this, I’ve gifted this, and I’ve put it in gift exchanges. It’s a hit every time. Also, the burritos are very soft so I promise that crying will be minimal if any.
  • Where to Buy: $24.97 on Amazon.


Family Adventure Challenge Scratch-off Adventure Book

Gifts for Families

I notice a lot of these gifts for families are designed to keep families busy over winter break. However, it’s good to have activities that are completed over time and even become a part of annual traditions.

This scratch-off Family Adventure Challenge book includes 50 challenges for your family to complete at its own pace. A great gift to give or receive, plus it’s part of a bigger collection of Adventure Challenge books to check out once you’ve made it through this book.

  • Amazon Review: “I bought this for my daughter and sil. They have 2 children. They have used thos several times already and I gave it to them at Christmas. Some of the activities are free . So it’s budget friendly.”
  • Where to Buy: $59.99 on Amazon.


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