Shell Rotella T4 Oil

Shell Rotella T4 Oil

Okay, I am not going to lie, I know absolutely nothing about oil.  Sure I know it comes from the ground, there is a huge market for it, the world depends on this fluid, there is a ton of money in it and it makes all your engines work, but when it gets down to the molecules, I am lost.

I am not here to tell you that Mobile is better than Pennzoil or Shell is better than brand X. Really I am here for two reasons.  First, I want to let you know about the Shell Rotella T4 Oil and second, I want to know what oil you use and what you would recommend?

Before I jump in, I wanted to let you know about a great article from Popular Mechanics that gives the low down on oil.

What Makes a Good Oil?

Shell Rotella T4 Oil

I think you should go with an extra virgin olive oil, oh wait, we are talking about engine oil. So what really makes a good oil.  Is it where it comes out of the ground?  Is it the name on the front of the bottle?  See Fact vs Fiction.

Let’s face it, oil is oil.  It’s what these manufacturers put in the oil that makes it different from one another.  But there is a problem with this whole thing.  There really isn’t one accepted seal of approval for the testing.  There are industry secrets so do we really know who produces the best oil?  Sure there is API, but that seal only states it has met certain minimum requirements.

These days any oil will provide basic protection for your engines.  The most important aspect is making sure you keep up with the scheduled maintenance.

Shell Rotella T4 Oil

Shell Rotella T4 Oil

So why am I recommending Shell oil when I say oil is oil?  I am not recommending it.  For me, it’s just interesting that The Home Depot carries oil.  I never knew they carried oil.  I always went to Walmart to buy my oil.  So I figured I might as well pass along this information.  I am sure some of you know The Home Depot carries it, but others may not.

So I am going to tell you a little bit about the Shell oil, but it’s up to you to separate fact from marketing.

As you know the government is requiring manufacturers to produce more efficient cars with lower emissions and more.  It only makes sense that the oil world needs to keep up with these changes.  The Shell Rotella T4 is said to be one of these oil companies getting in line and producing oil for these newer types of engines.

The Shell oil (along with other oil) protects against wear, deposits, and oil breakdowns. The Shell oil is designed for these lower emission vehicles including heavy duty diesel engines, which include the new diesel standards.

Shell isn’t the only one creating great motor oil, but Shell is a large company and it’s a company I would trust to make sure the oil is being created as best as possible.


Is oil just oil?  There are differences in oils and you should always get the oil your truck, car or equipment recommends.  Personally, I think making sure you keep up with the maintenance of oil changes is far more important than the manufacturer of oil.  Yes, companies use different detergents and that plays a huge role in the longevity of your engine, but who really know what is the best oil for you.  Again, my goal was to let you know about the Shell oil and get your feedback.


  1. It is also great oil to use in motorcycles. I have used it for years in my atv’s, dirtbike’s and street bikes. It is compatible with there wet clutch setups.


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