Ridgid Palm Screwdriver Review

Ridgid Palm Screwdriver Review

Do you work in tight spaces?  Do you need to constantly install fasteners in places it’s hard to reach?  If so this tool might be for you.  The Ridgid Palm Screwdriver is a new way to get into tight spots and allow you to have an easier time working with fasteners in these tight spots.  So for this article, we are going to cover this tool with our Ridgid Palm Screwdriver Review.  Now, this tool isn’t for everyone and some will think it’s a gimmick. However, there are those who will welcome this addition and get plenty of use from this tool.

Ridgid is what I call a sleeper company.  You don’t see much or read much about them.  In fact, I am sure there are times you pass them up at your local store.  Now they won’t be happy I am saying that, but oh well.  Here is the funny thing about Ridgid.  Ask people who the top tool brands are.  People will name a variety of companies and some might even say Ridgid.  However, when you ask people about their Ridgid tool, they will tell you how much they love them and how they have held up even under the toughest conditions.  For this reason, that is why I call them a sleeper company.

Ridgid Palm Screwdriver Review – Overview

Ridgid Palm Screwdriver Review

As you know Cordless screwdrivers have triggers.  Pull the trigger and the bit starts spinning.  With the Ridgid screwdriver, it’s a little different.  Ridgid uses a push to drive feature and is powered by their 12V battery. So this is how it works.  The harder you push, the faster the bit spins.

Ridgid Palm Screwdriver Review

Not having a trigger means you can pretty much use this tool in any direction which means it is great for tight spaces.

Ridgid Palm Screwdriver Review

Not only does this tool have an onboard battery fuel gauge and LED light, but it features a one handed quick-load bit holder.

Ridgid Palm Screwdriver Review – User Type

Ridgid Palm Screwdriver ReviewSo here is the deal.  This tool will not replace your 12V traditional drill.  It’s not designed for that.  You will still need your 12V drill for most applications.  This will not be sinking fasteners all day long.  Again, it’s not designed for that.

The Ridgid Palm Screwdriver is designed for tight spots and this is where it excels.  Are you installing cabinets or have other projects that consistently require you to torque in ways your body doesn’t bend?  If so this might just be the tool for you.

Think about how nice it would be to just put your tool on a fastener and push.  Your full attention is on your work.  You’re not trying to control the speed of the trigger in these tight spaces.

Ridgid Palm Screwdriver Review – Price

Ridgid Palm Screwdriver ReviewYou can buy this tool at your Local Home Depot for about $100.  If this is a tool that you think is cool, but really don’t have much use for, yes, that is expensive.  For those who need this type of tool, a $100 is a steal.  Now I wish it came with two batteries, but the 1.5Ah battery will last a long time.

Ridgid Palm Screwdriver Review – Final Thoughts

Overall this is a very cool and innovative way to remove the trigger from the tool.  While some will look at this like a gimmick, others will welcome the innovation and creativity of the tool.  The tool will allow you to get into tight spaces and get work done that would otherwise be impossible.  With the Ridgid lifetime warranty, it’s hard to pass this up for those who need this type of tool.



  1. I never use Ridgid screwdriver before. A few months ago my son bought it for me and now I’m a Ridgid 12V user. You can’t believe how is the best screwdriver. Just love Ridgid. Thanks for your info.


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