Dewalt Combo Kit Review – 20V Drill & Impact

Dewalt Combo Kit Review

If you are looking to either get into the Dewalt 20V line up or finally change your Dewalt Ni-cad platform for a Lithium-Ion platform, this is the kit to own.  Time and time again, we hear people talk about how much they love Dewalt drills and Dewalt impacts.  Lucky for you, we have this Dewalt Combo Kit Review so you can make sure this is the perfect kit for you.  This combo kit is sold exclusively through The Home Depot.

Dewalt Combo Kit Review – Tough System

Dewalt Combo Kit Review

Dewalt doesn’t just put together a kit and a nylon bag and try to pawn this off as a great combo kit to own.  Instead, Dewalt upped their game and included their famous Tough System.  If you are not familiar with this system, it’s a Dewalt storage solution to help protect and organize tools on Job sites.

Dewalt Combo Kit Review

Not only does the Tough System protect your tools on the job, but they also allow you to organize your tools.  One cool feature of the box is the ability to store different bits and extensions right in your box.  This way you know where everything is located and kept with the proper tools.

Dewalt Combo Kit Review – Drill & Impact

Dewalt Combo Kit Review

As a carpenter, this is the perfect solution to jump into the Dewalt line up or upgrade your old system to the new 20V Max platform.  With this kit, you get a Drill (DCD991) and an impact (DCF887).  A perfect combo kit since these are the two most used tools by carpenters.

Dewalt Combo Kit Review – Battery

Dewalt Combo Kit Review

While most manufacturers either give you two compact batteries or two high capacity batteries, Dewalt decided to do something different.  This combo kit comes with a compact battery (DCB203) 2Ah and a high capacity battery (DCB204) 4Ah.  For me, this is such a great idea.  If I am going to be drilling bigger holes in some wood, it only makes sense to use the bigger battery.  However, if I am attaching drywall to studs, why would I want the heavier battery when the compact battery will last all day?

Dewalt Combo Kit Review Motors

Dewalt Combo Kit Review

Dewalt designed both the drill and impact to run off their state of the art brushless motors. The brushless motors mean not only will it have a longer run time, but it should also last you much longer without having to perform any maintenance on the tools.

Dewalt Combo Kit Review Drill DCD991 Features

Not only does the Dewalt DCD991 have a great ergonomic feel, but it’s packed with some pretty cool features.  First, this drill has three speeds that are controlled from the top of the drill.

  • 0-450 RPM
  • 0-1300 RPM
  • 0-2000 RPM

The drill has 11 torque settings plus a drill mode which is very easy to control and move to the desired location using the front metal ring.  One cool feature that I haven’t seen on a lot of drills is the switch located on the front of the drill.  This switch is used to control the bright LED light on the front of the drill.  There are three positions including a 20 minute time.  As with the other Dewalt chucks, we have seen, this one also features a ratcheting metal chuck to help keep bits securely in place.

Dewalt Combo Kit Review Impact DCF887 Features

Dewalt Combo Kit Review

Dewalt Combo Kit ReviewAs with the drill, the impact has a very nice feel to it so for those who use this impact all day, you’re not going to have an issue with your fingers, hand or arms getting tired, especially when you are using the compact battery.  This impact has a 1/4″ head which is a standard head for impacts and produces 3,600 ipms.  On the base of the impact, there is a movable switch to allow the user to adjust the speed levels.

  • 0 -1,000
  • 0 – 2,800
  • 0 – 3,250

Dewalt Combo Kit Review Final Thoughts

Overall this is a great combo kit and perfect for someone looking to get into the Dewalt line up or someone looking to finally put their Ni-Cad system to rest.  The drill and impact offer carpenters a nice option for the over crowded drill and impact market.  Dewalt brings a ton of experience to the market and when you buy this kit, you will understand why these are such high-quality power tools.



  1. It’s an amazing tool. I have been using Dewalt 20 Volt combo kit for home use. Highly recommend combo kit for home improvement user. Thanks

  2. Simple the impact drill is so versatile and lightweight. No job is too small or too big for this tool. I use it for home improvement ot working on my car.


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