Makita ImpactX Bits

Makita ImpactX Bits

Over the years our power tools have become more powerful.  We have better batteries, better motors, and more power.  The good news is we can get more work done and our tools last longer.  However, even with the good, comes the bad.  While our tools have become more powerful, the bits have had to increase in strength in order to keep up with these new tools.  As strength increases so does manufacturing and the cost of bits.  So with that said we are here today to take a look at the Makita ImpactX Bits.

Makita ImpactX Bits Overview

It's amazing how much bits and accessories have grown over the years.  From a simple flat head to impact rated Torx with magnetic tips.  The list goes on.  Here is the problem.  Bits are a consumable that last such a short period of time.  Do we really want to dump a bunch of money into these high tech bits?

For most, the answer is no.  Most people just grab a bunch of lower priced, lower quality bits to get the job done.  Is there anything wrong with this? No, not at all.  However, we do know that the lower quality bits don't always last as long and don't always provide a great fit into the fastener.  But in the end who cares because when we lose or break a bit, we really don't care because we didn't pay a lot for them.

Makita realized that this is an issue on the job site and wanted to develop something different.  They wanted to develop a bit that wasn't expensive but lasted a long time and gave a good fit into different fasteners.

Makita ImpactX Bits

The bits are built with high-quality S2 modified steel that will flex slightly under load which will take the pressure off the tip.  Also, tips are machined and not forged which means a better fit.  As far as durability, Makita uses a heat-treated process.

Makita developed a complete fastening system with their ImpactX system.  They are launching over 80 unique items with over a 180 configurations.

Makita ImpactX Bits Types

Makita ImpactX Bits

Makita has 22 one-piece and two-piece magnetic bit holders.  The two-piece design is engineered for maximum durability with less weight. Both types of Makita bits have C-Clips to retain 1″ bits.

The magnetic bit holders seem to be strong which is huge.  I have seen too many bit holders claim to be magnetic, but in reality, they stink.  The Makita isn't one of those.  The Makita is nice and strong.

Makita ImpactX Bits

Makita has 110 Phillips, square, Torx and slotted insert and power bits.

Makita ImpactX Bits

The line also includes 30 different Magnetic Nut Drivers.

  • 1/4”
  • 5/16”
  • 3/8”
  • 7/16″

The line doesn't end there as they also offer 15 ImpactX socket adapters.  Sizes are 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”.

As you would expect, they are offering some different kits so you don't have to buy them separately.  They are offering 35-piece, 40-piece, and 50-piece Driver Bit Sets. The hard case includes a Retention Loop and the Makita Xpand Storage System to hold up to 40 extra 1” insert bits.

Makita ImpactX Bits

Do you do work in tight spaces?  Don't worry, Makita didn't forget about you.  They have a range of solutions. Makita ImpactX offers Xtended Reach power bits, bit holders and socket adapters up to 12 inches long, and nut drivers up to 6 inches long.

Makita ImpactX Bits Our Impression

I am not an engineer nor a scientist.  I can't tell you one steel or process is better than another.  However being in this field over the years, you do see certain things in common and can wrap your head around what is marketing and what is the real truth.

I do know that machined tips always seem to be better than forged bits.  With that said, you can see the difference and how well these fit into fasteners.

In regards to the bit giving a little, I am sure it does.  I don't have a camera to measure it but we did try to strip some screws.  When we compared them to a couple of no name bits laying around, we did feel that the Makita bits performed better.

So for us, we are sold.  We like the range of bits Makita is offering and all at a decent price. No more having to waste time with cheap bits.

Makita ImpactX Bits Final Thoughts

Bottom line, Makita is a big name, they have been around for years.  They are experts in creating quality products.  The Makita Gold has been a winner for them and a ton of people love them.  I think the Makita ImpactX bits will be another winner once people start trying them and realizing the savings while not sacrificing toughness.



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