iDisk Mobile Storage on the Go


Lately we have been getting into different types of electronics.  We understand we are more of a power tool and OPE publication, but now a days electronics are everywhere, even on the jobsite.  So we figured let's show off some stuff. Today we are talking about the iDisk, a solution for your crappy iPhone storage.

We all know that the storage on our iPhones suck.  You take a couple of pictures, maybe a video or two and download a couple of apps, then what happens?  We whip out our phones to get that important shot and bam, it says storage full.  Okay I get it, there is on line storage solutions, but sometimes that can take a lot of time uploading or downloading to our phones or iPads.  Well iDisk saw a need and created the iDisk mobile storage.  With their mobile solution you can plug it right into your phone and either store files or access files.  Here is what's cool.  On the other side of the stick is a USB plug so it easily hooks up to your computer to put things on the iDisk.  For your phone, you do have to download the app and this will be the interface to use while using your phone.  It's really that easy and simple.  I love products that are easy and simple.  And no, we didn't get paid to talk about the iDisk, yes they did send us a sample, but no check.  If you are looking for portable storage for your iPhone or ipad, check out the iDisk for storage on the go.



  1. I ended up buying one of these, I love it, the only snag I ran into is when you try to record longer videos straight to the device it glitches and you only get like half your video, best bet is just record right on the iPhone and then transfer to the device, works like a charm, use it while doing all my videos #TIACREW


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