Bosch DXS2124 – The SpeedClean of Bits

Bosch DXS2124

Concrete is strong and it pretty much lasts forever, well until Bosch comes along.  Now I know this isn’t true, but for some reason I always have this picture in my head.  I picture some concrete guy walking into Bosch and trying to convince them that he has the best concrete.  I just picture the Bosch people laughing and telling him to go back to the drawing board.  I know that is a weird picture, but Bosch owns concrete.  In fact, the only thing the concrete God is afraid of is Bosch.  All I can say is Bosch dominates concrete and they are at it again with the Bosch DXS2124 SpeedClean bit.  If this looks familiar, you probably saw it a while back when Hilti introduced their TE-YD and TE-CD.  So what is this bit?

The Bosch DXS2124 is a hollow bit that allows a user to hook the bit up to a dust collection system.  This is a huge leap forward with concrete bits for a variety of reasons.  First, drilling into concrete not only puts a lot of stress on a tool, but it puts tremendous stress on bits.  So in order to create a hollow bit, you have to create it extremely strong to be able to take the abuse of everyday drilling.  Another key aspect is when you are working with concrete, the concrete dust gets everywhere, it’s in the air, in your nose and in your eyes.  Now you can minimize the dust with the Bosch DXS2124 SpeedClean.  This is not only great to protect the user, but also great for indoor applications where you can’t afford to make a mess.  Another item is time savings.  If you want to install an anchor in concrete, you have to drill the hole, then you have to blow, brush, blow in order to properly prep the hole for your adhesive and anchor system.  With the Bosch bit, you no longer have to waste all the time.  Just hook up the bit to your dust collection system, drill your hole and you are ready to go.  The last item this bit does is save wear and tear on your bits and tool. When you are drilling a hole, the dust builds up in the hole and you are basically drilling through the concrete even more.  With the dust extraction system, it removes the debris you are cutting and allows you to just drill the hole. Lastly, it speeds up the drilling speed.  You will now be able to drill your holes 25% faster.  While we didn’t test this claim, seeing Bosch is the King of concrete, we will take their word for it.

If you are drilling a hole, setting anchors or anything else where you have to worry about the dust, this a huge must for anyone.  Not only will it make your life easier, but it will help you save time and produce much better results.  You can check out more about the Bosch DSX2124 at Amazon.


  1. Bosch didn’t invent it. The true king of concrete did. Hilti.
    Did you guys forget you reviewed the Hilti dust extraction bit 3 years ago?


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