Echo CS-590 Chain Saw – Timber Wolf

Look out Stihl Farm Boss and Husqvarna Rancher, the Timber Wolf is in town. The CS-590 was designed to compete with that market segment and it does a great job at it. It is a good all around saw to have on the property. A 59.8CC engine gives the Timber Wolf enough power to tackle almost any task. It accommodates 18″ and 20″ bars and has a clear fuel tank so you can keep track of your fuel without having to open the cap



A dual post chain brake adds quality and safety to this package. We had a chance to take the CS-590 out in the field. It had more than ample power for the tasks we put it to which included cutting down a huge stump. It has a 1 year commercial and respectable 5 year residential warranty. The air cleaner is easy to access and it als has a decompression button for easier starts.

The saw has a spring system that absorbs most of the shock while operating and was comfortable to use. The only thing we didn’t like about the Timber Wolf is that it does not come with a case or scabbard.


  1. Nice saw and good review. The Echo CS-590 is essentially the same saw as the CS-600P, with a few minor differences (spur sprocket and laminated bar vs rim sproket and solid bar), which is Echo’s Professional Line. Both have a magnesium crank case and quick drop-in cylinder/pistons which are found on professional grade saws.

    The build quality of a comparable Stihl (MS390) and Husqvarna (460 Rancher) are not even close to the Echo CS-590 Those models are homeowner quality with plastic crank cases and clamshell cylinders, which are extremely difficult to work on.

  2. Mine should be here soon cant wait. I own a older Stihl 041 Farmboss and love it but need a new saw. Everything I have read and seen has told me that the Timber Wolf should do the same. I will let you guys know after I put it through a few cord of wood here this week. I will be cutting lodgepole and ponderosa pine, that is about all we have here. But I have some decent size ones. Most saws are nice out of the box with good sharp chain. The question is how will the torque be when she starts dulling out. I need power – will this perform – we will see. posting in a week on my experience with the Echo cs-590.

  3. I have ran two + cord trough the CS-590 so far. And played around cutting on some big stuff as well. And I am happy to say. So far it seems to perform like my old Stihl 041 Rancher. I like that the cs-590 is a simple newer saw. Easy to start, Has plenty of power. It started running even better after the first cord of wood. It is sounding good. But I may get another ear on it, to make sure it is in tune. Its a great saw for a firewood cutter like myself. The one thing you may probably want to do if you get one, is run a little grease around where the double air filter connects to the carb hole. It eliminated dust real good and the filter was hardly dirty but there is no tight gasket there and so little particles may still get in. So just use a little grease. Other than that – nice chainsaw in my opinion. 🙂


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