Craftsman Lawn Mower Cut Report


This is the gas mower I thought would take top spot, so did it?  Come on I can’t tell you that now, then the rest of the cut report would be useless.  Okay it still will probably be useless, but let’s give it a shot.  One thing I was dead wrong on in our initial overview of this mower was the noise level.  As Harry Cary would say, Holy Cow, this thing is quiet.  Now it’s not as quiet as the battery mower, but compared to the other gas mowers, you can really hear the difference.  As I did say this is the Cadillac of push mowers.  This thing cuts through just about anything and the AWD system works awesome.  One thing I did notice is this AWD mower compared to the Husqvarna is the Husqavarna is very hard to pull backwards while this was much easier.  However when this mower is off and not running, it is hard to push.

The bagging and mulching are great, but I think partly because of the new blade. But again you should always have a sharp blade on your mower.  The push button is nice, but I could take it or leave it.  In reality I am lazy and use the button, so it is nice.  However when the battery goes dead I will probably never charge or replace it.

All in all this is a great mower.  Powerful and the cut is awesome.  The quiet mower along with the AWD system makes this a top pick for the mowers we tested during mower week.



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