Streamlight Survivor Series – Don’t Leave Without It


If you need a light that won’t fail, this is your light.  There is a reason firefighters use these lights and that is because they are proven.  They are proven to work in the toughest conditions.  Not only are these good for firefighters, but they are good for almost any one.  They are perfect for mounting in a van or truck and no matter what position you mount the charger, the light will always stay in place and be ready when you need it the most.  Yes, I am probably sounding like a sale pitch right now, but trust me these lights are that good.  I bought one back in 2005, incandescent and not LED like this one.  As of today it still works and has taking a serious beating over the years.

On the back of the light, there is a spring loaded clip to attach to your jacket, bunker gear or whatever you choose.  The base is flat, so you can even set it up and point the beam in any direction.  One thing to remember is this beam is tight. While you get a nice range of light and it does an awesome job of lighting an area up, the center is tight in order to cut through smoke.  This is the one feature I really like about this light is the fact you get a nice tight beam, but it also has a nice broad ring around to see a larger area.  The light features four modes, Low, high, moon beam and flashing.  Very easy to use.  Just push the button to turn on and hold the button for different features.

Bottom line is this light will be your best partner in a time of need.  Thousands of people have put their trust and lives in this flashlight for a reason.  The reason being is the long track record, quality behind the light and the Streamlight brand.  I don’t care if you’re a firefighter, contractor, home user or anyone who needs a reliable light, this is the light for you.


What We Like

  • Solid
  • Nice tight beam
  • Very Bright
  • Can charge in any position

What We Don’t Like

  • Can’t think of any at this time


  • Available in rechargeable and alkaline models
  • Features C4® LED technology with four lighting modes
  • Deep-dish parabolic reflector produces narrow beam; ideal for smoke-cutting applications. Optimum peripheral illumination to aid in navigation
  • Spring loaded clip with built-in ring easily attaches to belts and harnesses.



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  1. These lights are awesome. Super bright, waterproof, and awesome battery life. Have them on all our trucks. They can break though. Of course haven’t found anything that is fireman proof.


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