Kobalt 40V Lawnmower Cut Report


Since this is identical to the Greenworks mower, you might see a lot of the same stuff in this cut report as you do with the Greenworks.  This mower is very light and easy to maneuver around your yard.  The 40V battery does last a while and having two batteries means you shouldn’t have any down time.

The mower itself does a great job bagging and the handle makes it easy to get on and off the mower, plus it really assists with emptying the bag.  In regards to the performance for cutting long grass, I can’t say I am too impressed.  It tends to push the grass down instead of cutting it.  Now if you go slow, it will cut the grass and will power through, but who has time for that?

Bottom line if you tend to let your grass grow long, you probably won’t like this mower.  If you are one who stays on top of the grass length, then this mower will be great.  The price isn’t bad, lightweight and easy to use.



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