What better way to start off the day with an awesome Bosch 18V cordless combo kit, model CLPK402-181.  Funny story, we were in Vegas for the World of Concrete and our name was picked to win this combo kit.  We finally won something.  However we thought it would be much cooler to give this kit to one of the TIA crew members so here we are.  We thought long and hard, well not long and we aren’t very bright, so not very hard.  Since this is an awesome giveaway, we wanted to do something special.  We have an awesome forum that is really growing a lot.  We wanted to do something to say thanks for the current members, but also entice new people to check it out and see how great the forum is.  Trust us when we say we have the best members.

So what we are doing is anyone who has 50 posts by October 1, 2015 will be entered to win.  So all the people who have been contributing over time are all ready entered to win.  For all the new people, you have plenty of time to work up to 50 post.  Now we do want real substance in the forum, so if you just post one word, we aren’t counting that.  Our goal here is to reward the current and introduce new people to the forum.  So we are looking for substance. All we say is use common sense and you will by fine.