Wilton BASH Sledghammers


I am not a fan of wood handled sledge hammers.  They can easily get damaged when an over strike occurs.  Luckily Wilton has come along and given us the BASH unbreakable sledgehammer.  They have engineered molten steel bars into the handle that holds the head with a steel plate.  The handle has a rubber over-mold that helps grip the hammer when in use.  Check them out on Amazon.



  1. These look good guys I agree about the wooden handle I love the look and feel but I’m always wondering when it will break. Thanks guys T.I.A#1!!!!

  2. Huh-huh, Dan doesn’t like wood!

    As far as trusting myself with a full swing, no freaking way. I mostly drive stuff (Mag Nails and iron rods (5/8″x30″ rebar)) with various 3 and 4 pound hammers, so no way am I going to get a full speed run at my thumbs with something that heavy…. plus, I’m clumsy as hell…

  3. Wood all the way. You would really have to miss the target to break a wooden handle. I would also check the wood handle every time I get to see if I have fractures in the shaft. I still have the one my dad gave me over 20 years ago. An American made Craftman. We demo’d a 4 story building with a couple sledges & pry bars. Fun times, if I could only find more uses for it, now it sits in the corner of the garage gathering dust & spider webs. Started mumbling again, sorry, I also feel that wood transfers shock waves better. Laters TIA


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