Recently we told you about the battery adapter that will allow you to exchange battery packs between brands, sorta.  Well  meet the Robopak, a big ass battery pack that allows you to run your tools in remote locations for extended periods of time.  The downside is that it makes your cordless tools corded.  You still have the freedom to take the power anywhere but you need to run a cord to the battery pack.

robopak 1

Still, there are advantages to this setup like the ability to do away with your different batteries and to give you extended power in a remote location with no AC power or generator available.  You could however get an inverter, a corded power tool and replicate the same setup with the only difference being you need gas and can’t run indoors.  The Robopak works with DeWALT, Milwaukee, Makita and Hilti tools.  They also run lights,

Robopak claims to give you up to 6x more runtime than a standard battery. But with todays 5.0 battery packs you really only need 2 or 3 to have all day runtime. Todays battery technology may make the Robopak obsolete. Check out their website here.