Diablo Extreme Metal Cutting – Cuts 2″ Trailer Hitch Ball


Recently we went to STAFDA in North Carolina and witnessed the latest carbide tipped metal cutting blades from Diablo.  We were amazed at their demo, we had to see this for ourselves.

We took a blade to Port Barrington Motor Sports and showed the guys from Brueski’s Marine Construction.  They had an old trailer hitch ball that we could cut through.  When I told them about the blade cutting though it, they did not believe me.  Even I was apprehensive about the blade cutting through. Watch the video for the results.  Get yours from Amazon.  Check out more via Diablo.



  1. It’s crazy how far we have came with recip saw blades. They used to last only a few cuts now they can last an entire job potentially. I’m curious to see if you could cut block with those carbide blades. That would be a nice option for landscapers. Tell Freud to get this technology on oscillating multitool blades already 🙂 Everyone one knows they are the worst extremely expensive and dull in seconds.

  2. I was skeptical on whether or not those were worth the $15 price tag, but that shows it is right there. Good job Diablo, and Thanks for the video Dan!

  3. I bought one to try out. It works really well. I cut 12-2-1/2″ pipes and it still has life left it in. I did break a couple teeth though. The teeth are very big and cutting should be done slowly, other wise the teeth can snag and break.


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