Klein Drill Tap Kit – Electricians Rejoice


Remember the days when you had to drill a hole then whip out the tap?  Those days are over thanks to the new Klein Drill and Tap set.  They have combined the drill and the tap into one easy step.  Wait that’s not all, it even can deburr!  Sure other brands have had bits like this on the market, but this is the first time that Klein has offered these bits.  What does that mean to you the contractor?  Well it means legendary Klein quality and a lifetime warranty.

Designed for use on up to 10 gauge metal.
·   1/4″ hex for easier application with quick connect.
·   High speed steel for added durability.
·   Set of six tap sizes plus two extra of the most commonly used bits.
·   Includes carrying case and two bonus bits.
·   Replacement taps are available.

Check more out over at Klein Tools.


  1. Interesting. I think I’d have a hard time trusting that it tapped in and that I didnt just destroy them. Especially using my impact. Ive damaged a substantial amount of drywall running in screws with my impact. But thats just my inability to pay attention.

  2. I have to say if I was a contractor, I would snatch these up. I have no personal use for them, but I’m sure I could come up with something.

  3. IIRC , Geenlee had a similar product , they had add ons going to 3/8″ , plus som Metric sizes .

    Personally , oI would like to see some Carbide bits , for impacts .


  4. You can get a set from harbor freight for 13 bucks. Can’t see this as being any stronger than those. Smaller sizes will be fragile by any maker IMO.

  5. Hey, Dan–It looks great in theory, but I notice there’s not a lot of thread-cutting material on each tap, so I wonder how well they’ll work. As Chad pointed out, they may not be durable enough to survive the long haul. I just don’t care for powered taps; unless you’ve done this a lot, it’s easy to hit them wrong on entry and not cut the threads in a straight line.

    One way to get around that problem is to use a Big Gator Tools V-Tap Guide; both SAE and metric guides are available. I know, most pros wouldn’t want to use them unless it was a demanding job, but they’re available for the rest of us.

    These might be handy for electricians and contractors, though, which seems to be their target market.

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