DeWALT DCL043 20V MAX LED Spot Light


LED lights are everywhere, even my truck has LED headlights.  LED technology has come a long way since the little red diodes that were used as indicator lamps decades ago.  The new DeWALT spot light is designed for illuminating areas from a far.  The 3 white LEDs put out 1000 lumens on high and 90 lumens on low.  You get roughly 4-13 hours of runtime on a single charge depending on the battery you use.  The spot ranges up to about 1,500 feet and you can pivot the head 90 degrees.

For low light conditions where you want to preserve your night vision it also has a red LED setting.  The grip is the same from the 20V max line that we have raved about.  Overall this a great spotlight for anyone who need to light up the night. Even off the job site.  I know being a boater, this light is godsend!


  1. Dewalt keeps coming out with this cool guy stuff. When are they going to put out a heavy duty impact wrench that competes with Milwaukee? That’s something people could use everyday.

  2. Cool looking spot light? I was waiting for this one since I saw it a posted here a few weeks back. I’m a flashlight junky & I like the lumens it kicks out. I also like the red light as an option. Not sure how it would be used, but cool to have if this is the only light I have at the time. I like all the options that are coming out. Laters TIA

  3. Juan,
    I’m a flashlight junky as well and just bought this. One benefit that I immediately noticed was the ability to turn the light head straight up and light up a room during a power outage. I also think you would get sun burn if pointed at skin, it’s bright!


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