We take a look at the 3 top brands of oscillating tools.  We tested both corded and cordless.  Our test was not scientific at all.  It also wasn’t consistent as we used different blades.  We just wanted to give our opinions of what we liked and what we didn’t.  Watch the video to see the tests.

Here are our final results:

Cordless Multi Tool

1. DeWALT DCS355 via Amazon – The DeWALT just barely edged out the Bosch in the cordless category.  We liked the ergonomics and power.  The DeWALT along with its Porter Cable sibling have the quickest accessory changes in the industry.  However the quick change can only be used with specific types of accessories.  I personally also like the trigger control of this unit which sets it apart from the competition. Vibrations were minimal.  This is the only tool of the 3 that had an LED light.

2. Bosch MXH180 via Amazon – The Bosch was a close second to the DeWALT. Its quick change system can be used with most any accessory and the tool handles vibrations very well. The tool doesn’t lack in the power department either with its adjustable speed settings.  It handled the vibrations better than any other cordless we have tested.

3. FEIN MultiMaster AFMM14 via Amazon – While the FEIN is still a good multi tool it lacked on ergonomics and after we were using it out hands still felt numb from the vibrations.  For being a 14.4 V the tool kept up with the power of the bigger voltage tools.  Another thing I wasn’t too keen on was the accessory change system.  You have to pull a lever and remove a pin which means an extra step and a part to lose. Another downfall is the high price.

Corded Multi Tool

1.  Bosch MX30 via Amazon – With the simple quick accessory change and almost vibration-less feel the MX30 took the lead in this category.  Power, quality and ergonomics all came into the play.  I truly feel Bosch is the way to go for a corded Multi Tool.

2. FEIN MultiMaster 250 via Amazon –  The MultiMaster would have taken top spot  this category but was held back by the pin and lever style accessory system.  As far as performance and ergonomics it was stellar, probably the best out of all 3 corded models we tested.

3. DeWALT DWE315K via Amazon – This was a tight decision and because the DeWALT came in 3rd doesn’t mean that it is not an awesome tool.  The DeWALT is feature packed but just didn’t feel as good vibration wise on the cuts compared the other 2.  As far as features it is at the top.

Bottom Line

No matter which one of these tools you choose it will be a good choice.  If you already have DeWALT or Bosch batteries you would be crazy not to go with those tools. As for the corded the choice is yours!

Check out the video to make your own decision