Yost 865-D 6-1/2″ Multi-Purpose Reversible Combination Vise


A vise is a great thing to have and a must have for any shop.  Yost vises have been around since 1908, that’s as long as Bob Villa has been around!  They are known for building precision machined vises that can stand the test of time.  A Yost vise will last a lifetime and quite possibly your kids’ and grandkids’ lifetime.  They are for the professional that cannot afford downtime and needs made in the U.S.A precision quality that the Yost vice provides.

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It all starts with the box, the vise arrives in hefty box to protect it from any damage.  It includes a manual and a mounting template.  You can mount it to whatever you want and in our case we thru-bolted it into our wood work bench.  The 865-DI weighs in at 49lbs and is made from Ductile Iron.  It has a huge flat anvil head area on top, this is great for banging out bearings, flattening metal, making 90 degree sheet metal bends, etc..  The jaws can be reversed to give you up to 11″ of depth and also provides a product support shelf.  The base swivels by loosening the two locks on either side of the vice.

The hardened steel jaws are replaceable and also can be reversed to provide a smooth side so you do not damage whatever you’re working on.  The casting is covered by a three year warranty but the consumables i.e.: jaws, lock downs and non cast hardware have a 90 day warranty.  Head over to Yostvises.com to check out the complete line up.



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