75TH Anniversary of the Worm Drive SKILSAW 77


I am still trying to figure Skil out.  They are mostly entry level home owner tools but yet the staple of the brand is the heavy duty worm drive SkilSaw, which is used on construction sites around the globe. If all their tools were of this quality they would dominate the power tool market.  Most people call a circular saw a SkilSaw, just like most people call a reciprocating saw a Sawzall, which is a Milwaukee brand name.  Anyways… the 75th anniversary is coming up and just like most any other tool company, they are having a bike built.  American Chopper was so 5 years ago, luckily it is being built by Paul Jr Designs who is one of the most talented bike builders today.  Check out the 75TH Anniversary of the Worm Drive SKILSAW 77


  1. Hello Dan, could ye do a review of the Skil 75th anniversary saw please. I have an older 13amp Skil Mag 77 which had a twisted base plate, i had to shim it level with a small piece of copper where the saw foot meets the connecting pin on the front of the saw and sand it flat on a sanding machine. That saw was made in America, do the newer Chinese made saws have this problem?

  2. Outstanding Dan, your on the ball as usual. I’d really appreciated ye’re insight on this saw as i’m thinking of buying it.


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