Yardian Smart Sprinkler Review


As the rest of the tool and home appliance world gets “smarter” one must pose the question of when the rest of our everyday devices will integrate? Between Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth batteries, and wireless systems in our homes, our world is connected more now than ever. With all of that in mind, the systems that run a “smart” home can be very critical to the ease of owning and operating a home. Recently, we reviewed the Guardian Leak Prevention system. This system made it easier for homeowners to recognize, and diagnose leaks near water mains and other areas of the home. This type of system and others such as cameras, smoke detectors, and security systems are all part of one realm – IoT. IoT is the acronym for “internet of things.” It comes as no surprise that all of our everyday systems we use are now connected to WiFi or Bluetooth in one way or another.

So as a homeowner, integrating systems to which they can be controlled and monitored from a smartphone or tablet is key. This creates an easy way to schedule events, record events, and keep track of trends on the system. For some, even controlling the way these systems work via Google or Amazon. All of the above reasons are exactly why the review of the Yardian Smart Sprinkler was incredibly interesting and successful.

Yardian Smart Sprinkler Review Overview

First and foremost, the Yardian is a robust, attractive option to use for any home. The sleek design, coupled with great build quality makes for a nice setup. For me, installation of the unit, and integration to my existing small system was very simple, Altogether, it required less than an hour of work. Certainly, larger systems may take more time. With that in consideration, placing the Yardian should be strategic, unlike other systems, as the Yardian has an integral 720p camera. This is a fantastic addition for a system like this, given the amount of coverage some yards need!

Like most sprinkler controllers, the Yardian has a terminal block that connects to various sprinklers throughout your property. The block also has integration for sensors as well, making it very well rounded. The terminals output 24VAC, the standard voltage for sprinkler systems. Aside from the obvious outer protection from elements, the Yardian protects the terminal block inside via a plastic cover that has a rubber gasket to ensure there is no water intrusion.

On the technical side that we’ll explore later, the Yardian’s app has many features, allowing users to set schedules, and utilize best watering days depending on the weather forecast. This includes looking at metrics on water use. The various zones that can be set up can also be enabled at any time, depending on preference. The app also integrates the video feature, giving a live stream option, and 24hrs of playback based on motion sensed events. These events are stored on the cloud, for free, and can be downloaded to preserve on your device’s local storage. Most importantly (to me!) the Yardian has Google Assistant integration capability. Admittedly, all of my smart devices, with the exception of two, run straight from my Google ecosystem. What this means, is that I can utilize voice commands to water zones and perform other functions on the Yardian – pretty awesome!

Yardian Smart Sprinkler Review Features

The Yardian is fully weatherproof, and 7.875” L x 7.875” H x 2.75” W. Perfect for mounting to areas with limited space.

Mounting is easy, and hardware is included so that it can even be installed into concrete.

The Terminal blocks have a nice array to accommodate up to 12 sprinkler heads, with two common terminals, and a set of terminals for a rain sensor.

The block is protected nicely by a water-resistant cover, and accompanying gasket to keep moisture and water out.

In the app, you can input various settings, such as plant type, sprinkler head type, soil type, slope and exposure to elements.

Zones can be specifically controlled and scheduled based on preference, making it easy to give certain areas of your lawn the care it needs to grow properly, or for areas with heavy plant cover.

In the app, the camera live stream is easily accessed, as well as past motion events.

As a nice complement to the camera, an animal repellent system is integrated when motion sensors are tripped near sprinklers.

The Yardian can integrate into both the Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa environment for easy voice operation, among other benefits.

Yardian Smart Sprinkler Review Performance

In using the Yardian, I certainly felt the ease of having a sprinkler system that can be more easily tailored to my preferences. First and foremost – it was super simple to set up! Legacy systems were more difficult to program, and sometimes even manual – so the Yardian is a big improvement. With that said, the Yardian is an even bigger upgrade on most other “smart” systems that I’ve seen on the market. The build quality, features, and app make the Yardian an industry leader. Build quality might seem silly to some, but to those in an area where the elements vary greatly, and weather can be harsh, I rest assured that the Yardian will stand up just fine – and it has. As for features and the app, that’s where the Yardian shines. The app and unit have more features, settings, and preferences than any other unit I’ve set eyes on. Don’t let that scare you though – the app makes things easy to understand, and simplifies with helpful icons and tips throughout.

Based on all of this, I can’t complain. A system that integrates peace of mind, and a systematic way to control even complicated sprinkler layouts all in one is something great to have, and Yardian has done it. The enhanced application, as noted, is the highlight that I cannot get over. It was so simple to use, and set up, that I would recommend this product to anyone that can connect to a WiFi router – it’s just that easy.

Yardian Smart Sprinkler Review Value

As far as getting your hands on the Yardian, it couldn’t be easier! Amazon sells the 12 zone unit for $179.99, and 8 zone at $159.99. Compared to other units in the industry, this is an absolute steal. The integration aspect, app features, unit settings, quality, and CCTV with FREE cloud storage are great. Could I rave more?

In fact, the Yardian comes in at a lesser price than most competitors that have even less features. Some units that do basic scheduling can run around the $220 mark, which is pretty crazy. The Yardian offers a lot more at a fraction of that price. That is a testament to the product since the settings are nearly limitless in terms of a complex sprinkler system. Overall, the Yardian is a very fairly priced unit that delivers a big bang for the buck!

Yardian Smart Sprinkler Review Final Thoughts

Overall, the Yardian was a great solution to a long-standing issue that I’ve had. The simple problem – not having everything integrated into my home IoT ecosystem. Also – it added another CCTV camera to our setup, which provides us with more security. With those two things in mind, it’s a complete win in my book. Any system or process that can be streamlined with a “smart” system pays dividends over time. For this conundrum, the Yardian is no exception. For the average homeowner with a need for a sprinkler controller upgrade, the Yardian is a safe bet.

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yardian-smart-sprinkler-reviewHaving a sprinkler system can often be more pain than benefit. Legacy systems, and even some new systems are failure prone, difficult to set up, and even so hard to use, that they aren't effective. The Yardian Smart Sprinkler System solves all of this. It's state of the art application, settings, preferences, and video stream/capture integration make this an incredible option for homeowners looking for an incredible value.


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