WindsorONE Review – Greek Revival

WindsorONE Review

I would like to say I am finally done with my house project, but I am not even close.  This summer will be another summer working on the back addition, which is phase 2.  However, phase 1 is mostly done.  I still have a bunch of punch list items to complete along with all the custom woodworking but at least a majority of the house is done.  Today I want to go over one item that has not only stood out to me but has caught the eyes of visitors to our home, the trim.  So today we are going to talk about the WindsorONE Review trim.

WindsorONE Review – Introduction

A little while back I created an informative article about WindsorONE, so if you are not familiar with the company, I would suggest starting with that article before you go on.

Normally I look at a company as just that, a company.  Not that I am saying anything bad about companies as they are the cornerstone of our economy.  But let’s face it, usually, there isn’t much to talk about.  WindsorONE is definitely a different company and that is why I suggest going back and reading that article.  Once you understand them as a company and how they work, you will be able to appreciate this review and information much more. You can see how they are from the start of the process to the final delivery and everything in between.

WindsorONE Review – Why

WindsorONE Review

So why did I go with WindsorONE?  First, my house was built in 1924.  Second, one of my first woodworking projects was a mission style coffee table.  So for me, I wanted something different for the remodel.

I wanted something that had a classic American style but I could also put a touch of modern back into the home.  I also wanted a style that matched my coffee table. So my goal was simple.  The first thing I wanted to do before anything was pick out my doors and then everything else in the house would be designed around the doors.

I looked around for a while and found the doors I knew I wanted right away a 3-panel mission door.  This was the door that the house would be built around.  It has a classic American style of the older days and I knew I could do some really cool things to give the house a touch of today’s world.

Once I had my doors, the next logical step was the trim.  This took me much longer to find.  I looked all over the place and then I stumbled upon WindsorONE.

Not sure where I first saw it, but it caught my eye right away and knew the Greek Revival was the trim that would make these doors pop and the house look like a million bucks, along with the look I wanted.  I did a little research and after learning about the company, I was all in.

WindsorONE Review – First Step

Looking at some pictures on a website is one thing but seeing the trim first hand is another.  Since it’s a big investment in materials and time to install, I was hoping for more than just a picture.  So before I placed my order, I saw I could get a WindsorONE sample sent out.

WindsorONE sent out a sample and it came in a nice little box.  In the box was a sample of the pieces from the Greek Revival series.  I could see the base, the 3 piece trim, the crown and window stool, and apron.

Again, this made my decision much easier since I could feel and see it first hand.  Again, they don’t sell this at a big box store so it’s not like I can visit there and see for myself.  This trim is sold through lumberyards and local dealers.

WindsorONE Review – Picking up Trim

So I placed the order and went to pick it up. On the way to pick up the trim, I knew I would have to sort through all the pieces and get the best pieces.  Now I know WindsorONE offers better quality than what you find at a big box store but l thought I would still have to sort through everything, just not as much as normal.

To my surprise, all the trim was waiting and all wrapped up.  I didn’t have to pick through anything.  However, I was a little nervous that whoever got the order ready might not have the eye or my expectation of good pieces versus bad pieces.  Either way, I was off to the house to unload all the trim.

WindsorONE Review

When I unloaded all the wood, I went through the pieces to separate the good from the bad.  Not one piece was in the bad pile.  All the wood was straight as an arrow, the primer was perfect and the cuts were great.  So my conclusion is that WindsorONE really does take it’s time to look and inspect every piece before it leaves their facility.  They do it, so I don’t have to.

No wasting time sorting through pieces, no wasting time getting home only to find bad pieces and having to go back and return, no time wasting priming the wood.  The time I saved with WindsorONE is worth every penny.

After seeing all the trim first hand, solidified my decision that I made the right decision in getting and working with WindsorONE.

WindsorONE Review – Working With

So how is it working with the trim?  Simply put, awesome.  The trim was all primed correctly, no missed spots.  No twists or bows in the wood.  So when I had to make cuts and hang any of the trim, it all was extremely easy.

One reason that the wood is so straight and true is the finger joints.  Read more about Finger Joints.

I have worked with a lot of trim over the years.  If you’re like me, then you know what it’s like getting cheap trim, sorting out the twist and bows, dealing with cheap primer and missed spots. By the time you are done with cheap trim, it wasn’t even worth the savings.  You have so much scrap left because you had to cut out so much, you are probably losing money.

If you have a house or a crew of guys or just yourself, the WindsorONE will beautify your house, save time and aggravations, period.

WindsorONE Review – Types

Base Trim

We refinished the wood floors and the new floors with the base really make everything look classic.

Crown Molding

I love the simplicity with the heights and layers.  My wife picked out the colors but they don’t really show true since I can’t use a camera.

Window Trim

Close up picture of the windows without the sill.

WindsorONE Review – Locations


This was a space that used to be an attic.  We turned it into a play area for the kids to play video games and hang out.


Doors – Bedroom

WindsorONE Review

Doors – Closet

Doors – Hallway


Windows – Bedroom

Windows – Dining Room

Windows – Living Room

Windows – Small


WindsorONE Review – Before & After

We made a lot of changes.  Looking back I wish I took more before pictures but oh well, I didn’t.

One big change was to open up this doorway from a small door to a much larger opening which makes the rooms look bigger.  The old trim was a nice hardwood and it was awesome, but not much detail.  The new Greek Revival trim gives it a much classier look.

This picture was taken from a different view but the same hallway.  I love how the door, the trim and the new light all work together to give it a touch of history but with a modern feel.

For me, I loved the old crown molding but I couldn’t save it, nor did I really want to.  However, the new Crown makes it look sleeker and doesn’t take away from the size of the room. Yes, I let the kids draw on the walls before demo.

The doors are night and day.  The old doors have the big box feel with plain trim.  The new three-panel door with the Greek trim give it a nicer and classier look and feel to the house.

For the porch, we used the WindsorONE panel.  We raised the ceiling by four inches because we had to redo the wood underneath.  We also ran the lines long way instead of the short way, which gives it a much larger feeling.

WindsorONE Review – Professional Impressions

Tom is my door guy.  He is local, he knows his business and is more into trim than anyone I have ever meet.  His dad worked in a mill and he grew up working in a mill also, it’s in his blood.  When he came over to install the doors and he noticed the trim, he stood there for over an hour talking about the WindsorONE trim.  He wasn’t familiar with the company, he was just talking about the quality of the trim and the design.  While he wouldn’t go on camera, I did get some behind the scenes footage of him talking and we will be putting that in some upcoming videos.

The more he talked about the trim, the more I realized that my decision to get this trim was the right decision.  I never knew how much goes into the trim.  In fact, we could do a whole website just about trim.  Bottom line, not only Tom but other contractors and people who came in the house, that is the first thing they noticed and talked about.  For me, I love the details but never realized that so many people would feel the same way about the trim.

WindsorONE Review – Completion

As I noted earlier, I am done with phase 1 and working on phase 2 so follow us on Instagram and see behind the scenes and what we are doing with the WindsorONE trim for phase 2.

So now that I am done with phase 1, I can’t believe how good the whole project came out.  Everything from the floors to the walls to the electric and more.  But what really stands out is the trim.  I can’t believe that at one time I was entertaining the idea of getting trim from a big box store.  When you see the final touches and know that is what you will see for the next 30 to 50 years, it’s worth putting a little extra into the final details.

I know I sound like a salesman, which I am not, but this is something I truly believe in and love the final outcome of the project and yes, I owe a lot of that to the final look of the trim around the windows, doors and more.

WindsorONE Review – Final Thoughts

So here is the deal with WindsorONE trim.  I love it.  I love the company behind the product, I love the quality of the wood, I love how I didn’t have to mess around with sorting bad pieces or taking time and priming wood.  I love the look and design.  For me, there isn’t anything I don’t like about the company or the product.  We deal with a lot of builders and we talk trim, the only trim I talk about is the WindsorONE trim.  If you are remodeling, building a new house or are a contractor, I highly suggest taking a look at WindsorONE.  Even if the Greek Revival isn’t a fit, they have other styles.



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