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I found out about the wounded vet program after signing up for an online woodworking class with Rob Cosman.  You can see the full review by clicking here.

Rob has been instrumental in a program to help our wounded/disabled veterans.  It has been found that woodworking provides therapy in both a physical and mental capacity for those that have sacrificed so much.

In an effort to help, Rob provides a lifetime membership to his online hand tool workshop to any wounded/disabled veteran at no cost. Furthermore, when a non veteran signs up for both online workshops and pays for an entire year, Rob will add the power tool workshop to a vets membership giving them full access to both courses for free. Rob also donates a portion of his saw sales to the program as well.

I cannot begin to cover the amount of people who have contributed to make this program possible. There are a multitude of contributors including an anonymous one nicknamed “Santa Claus” who has donated tens of thousands of dollars. There are many other people have made large financial contributions as well to get these vets to the workshops. This includes the cost of the workshop, hotel, food and travel. They often try to send them home with tools to get started as well.

Thank you !

So first and most important. Veterans, THANK YOU for your service. Those of us at Tools in Action truly appreciate what you have done and continue to do. Without you our freedom is not possible.

And secondly, Rob thanks for making all this happen. I know what we mentioned above is only a small portion of what you do to facilitate this.

If anyone is interested in helping with the Wounded Vet Program you can do so in many ways.  This might include a financial contribution, tool donation or something as simple as signing up for both online workshops and paying the year in advance as I did.

Robs website with more info.

Video about Wounded Vet Program



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