Milwaukee Blower 2728-21HD

Milwaukee Blower

Milwaukee just entered the OPE market with their new Milwaukee blower.  Yes, they had a compact blower on the market for a while, but that was really designed for small clean up jobs.  With this blower, it’s designed for full clean up either on the job site or lawns.  I believe Makita was the first to enter this market and we have had a chance to test their OPE products out and love them.  Then I believe Dewalt was next.  While we tested them out, I can say I have had a lot of use with them, so it’s not one I jump up and down over.  Now Milwaukee has there’s, so how does it stack up.

A blower is useful for concrete guys who need to clean up, asphalt guys who need to clean up before they apply their products and a ton more.  It’s also useful for lawn clean.  How awesome is it that you own a battery that you can use at work, then come home and use it for your lawn?  To me that is pretty cool.  I know all these manufacturers like to taught and say this is great for the professional lawn guy, but I still have a hard time believing that.  For me, i changed over about 5 years back from gas to battery operated OPE products for my house.  However with professional lawn guys, i still don;t think battery is there yet to give the lawn guys a good deal.  Maybe it where I live and that’s why I don’t understand it, but I still think cordless OPE products are great for the homeowner and still have a long way to go for the professional.  With that said, I have to say I love the Milwaukee Blower.

Dan and myself are usually on the same page when it comes to what we think of a tool.  However with this we are pretty far apart.  He isn’t a fan of the Milwaukee blower while I like it.  He thinks its weak, I don’t.  Is it the best blower I have ever used, no, I think gas blowers are the best.  Is it one of the top blowers in the cordless line up.  Yes, I think it’s up there.  For me there are a couple of things i love about this blower.

First I love the balance of the blower.  When I was cleaning up my yard, I wasn’t getting tired of holding on to it.  Plus it didn’t feel like it was pushing my arm back and I was fighting it.  A huge plus for me.  I think it has great power for my needs as I was able to push a bunch of pine cones around, small branches of my pine tree and wet leaves.  It handles the walks without any question and the run time was great.  I was using the 9Ah battery and that was a huge deal for the long run time.  I really  like the fact i can control the speed with the trigger or my thumb using the cruise control.

For the first entry into OPE, Milwaukee did a good job.  I think its a great addition to their line up.


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