Worx Trivac WG502 3-in-1 Blower / Mulcher / Vacuum Review


Wait, didn’t you already do a review of the Worx Tri-Vac?  Why yes we did. That was nice of you to notice and it tells me you have been a fan of TIA for a long time especially since that was posted two years ago.

Okay,  if you are not familiar with the Worx Tri-Vac, you can check out the link above as that is our first review and has all the details.  So why are we reviewing this again?  Well because they made a small upgrade that is worth mentioning.  Before it had a hard plastic impeller that would mulch everything up.  Now they are using a metal one.  So is it really better?

Before I answer that question you have to remember a couple of things.  First, this is a homeowner Mulch, Vacuum, Blower.  So don’t expect to do acres and acres.  Yes you can, but you will need a long extension cord and you will be hurting.  This system isn’t really designed for that much.  This seems to be more designed for the smaller yards.  Yes, you can do a big yard and blow everything in a pile and then vacuum it up and mulch it.

I like the theory of this system and I am sure on some yards it will work great, just not mine. While no matter what yard you have, you can expect smaller twigs to get in the way, that is just what happens with these type of tools.  So that is really not the fault of Worx, it’s just the nature of the beast.  However Worx did make it very easy to clean out clogs.  With a push of a button, you can pull the main part away from the chute.

Okay my problem with the first Worx system was my yard has pine cones all over.  The original Tri_Vac wouldn’t mulch up the pines cones.  They would just sit by the impeller and rattle around and make a lot of noise.  At the time I thought a metal impeller would do the trick, but it seems like I was wrong.  With the new metal impeller, it still doesn’t work great on my yard.  Yes leaves, it works awesome and really mulches the leaves.

So for those of you who don’t have to deal with pine cones, this metal impeller is much better.  It seems like it does a better job sucking and mulching compared to the plastic impeller.  Now I am not saying the old system is bad, but the metal just seems a little better.  Also one thing to note.  If you’re like me at 6′, you might find it hard for longer periods of use because the nozzle is a little short.  It would be nice if they had some kind of extension.

buyamazon1WORX WG502 TriVac Delux Blower/Mulcher/Vacuum with Metal Impeller

Overall if you have a lot of twigs, pine cones or rocks, I really don’t think you will be happy with this system.  If you are like most and have a pretty easy yard with no pine cones, rock walk ways or one of those trees that drop every twig, I think you will get a huge benefit from this tool.  I really do wish I could use this in my yard as it would be a huge time saver.



  1. I received a Worx 500 for xmas but am returning it for a Model 502 just for metal impeller. I have used a Toro Super blower/vac for 3 or 4 years especially when the company changed to metal impellers. The Toro picks up pine cones approx. 3 in and smaller also sweet gum spike balls and acorns all of which are hard on units motors. I generally replace unit every year as it wears out. My yard is approx. 1 acre in size with 14 different varieties of mature trees. I am confident the Worx will do the same type of job plus I won’t have to change attachment for blowing/and or have 2nd unit just for blowing.

  2. I have a worx chainsaw and I love it. I purchased the blower/mulcher for use in a very small yard. I can easily say it is the worst tool I have ever used. It is hard to put the bag on because it falls off so often. It has a lock that would seem to work but mine does not. I have used it for the 2nd time and now the switch is stuck in the on position. No amount of force will turn it off. It was on a 50% sale when I bought it and now I know why.

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