Worx GT 24 V Electric Trimmer/Edger – Review


Who hasn’t stayed up late only to be sucked in by an infomercial promising you the world.  Well I have seen many infomercials and the WORX GT infomercial looks awesome.  WORX recently sent us the 24V WORX GT, it does everything it says it does in the infomercial and overall is a good all around trimmer.  The edging feature is my favorite, the GT edges like a pro thanks to the big wheels, auto feed and 24 volts of power.

The unit weighs in at 5.6lbs, I found that for extended trimming it is best to remove the edger wheels, which makes it even lighter and more maneuverable.  It has an  adjustable handle which has 120 degrees of rotation and you can telescope the shaft to fit your comfort level.  It telescopes to a compact size for storage and even has an included wall mount to keep it up and out of the way.  To change over to edging mode you just pull and twist the head and then click the head into the straight position.  The clicking and rotating of the head was a bit stiff for me, I would rather have seen a locking button here.

For actual weed whipping the tool worked well for normal lawn trimming, for deep brush the unit felt a bit underpowered, I don’t know if it was under powered or that the one string design just is not optimal for tall weeds.  It does cut the tall weeds, it just takes a while.  We read some of the reviews online about the Worx GT and saw a few complaints about the battery life.  Our unit worked fine and when we spoke with Worx they said that new 2.0 Model has an all new battery and that the issue is resolved.  The line auto feeds every time you pull the trigger, it has a cutter so it is always at the proper length.  Worx uses easy to replace cartridges for the trimmer and you get free string for life, just have to pay for shipping.  You can also restring the cartridge with your own string if need be.

Like all string trimmers the auto feed had a few hiccups, on one cartridge the string kept completely breaking off inside the cartridge.  It seemed like it was wound to tight and couldn’t release freely.  Other than the one cartridge issue, it worked perfect.  Overall I liked the Worx GT, it is great for most yards and you don’t have to mess around with gas.   It does a really great job of edging and is one of the most versatile cordless trimmers I have used.  I used it do clear up a severely overgrown sidewalk with great results.  Even the neighbors came over and were impressed with the job the Worx GT did. Check out Worx.





  1. I too saw this infomercial a long time ago… but i walked away thinking “I want that!”. Love the end of the vid too, haha who hasn’t left a tool in an inconvenient spot. hope it didn’t rain!

  2. Hi Guys!
    Thanks for the review of Worx GT Trimmer/Edger. The infomercial has totally sold me but I’m trying to be reasonable and do some research before ordering. How did the battery life hold up for you?
    Thank you!


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