Milwaukee Tool Just Took the Pole Position – Brushless M12


We have known this for a while now, but today is the first time we can talk about it.  Milwaukee Tool has adapted their M12 line with the new FUEL brushless system.  Yes, that is right, brushless M12!  We had a chance to use these tools a few months back and I have to say they are going to be a force to reckoned with.

Wait that is not all, the M18 line gets 4.0 and 2.0 batteries!  Milwaukee is on top of their A game right now and it will be interesting to see what other manufactures have up their sleeves.


  1. I think all the manufacturers are slacking off. I haven’t heard anything about 28v or 36v tools going through any major redesigns for a while now, When are they going to update their top of the line tools rather than concentrate on the bottom end. Milwaukee in particular needs to bump it up to 36v and give us some 4 Ah batteries so we can get some real work done.

  2. this is going to be awsometastical. all the newly innovated tools that milwaukee had lined up for the fall, already looked great, but this just made christmas better for alot of people. haha. have you guys heard anything about, 4.0ah m12 batteries? i saw a picture of it, but wondered if it was real.

  3. Well Dewalt and Makita must be feeling very uncomfortable over this news. Some other tool websites were guessing it was going to be a while before we saw brushless 12 volt tools. I mean for 12 volt tools you can’t really go anywhere else the M12 line is just so massive with tools for so many different trades. One big suggestion to milwaukee would be is they should make a multiple bay m12 battery charger, also the m12 m18 combo charger is great also. After this I am really considering getting rid of my Dewalt 20 volt tools.

  4. I think for the video Dan should use the M12 driver and screw Eric to a sheet of plywood, then us the M12 impach to power a winch and lift the plywood off the ground…. thoughts?

  5. Funny how often someone has to “casually” interject that Milwaukee has sold out to the Chinese company TTI. TTI is more of a multinational company, and before one dismisses it as part of some monolithic Chinese Borg, I’d suggest investigating TTI’s other brands, and the resumes of those who founded and run the company. The financial statements are very illuminating.

    To add some context: The sale to TTI happened in 2005, Milwaukee bought Stiletto Tools in 2007, the M12 line came out in 2008. Not things you’d do if you were going the Harbor Freight route or bleeding the brand dry.

    Milwaukee’s corporate headquarters are in Brookfield, WS. and they assemble Sawzalls and manufacture the blades in Greenwood, MS.

  6. It is funny to “casually” interject that Milwuakee is owned by a Chinese company? I find it misleading, as most of the field guys like myself were under the impression that Milwaukee is a U.S. brand. Buying up other companies like Stilleto just makes it harder to swallow that more conglomerates are eating up the smaller companies.

  7. Certain people regularly interject TTI into threads (here, Amazon, YouTube, etc) not to inform, but to spread FUD — to slam Milwaukee and cast doubt on the quality of their tools — having little or nothing to do with the topic at hand.

    It’s hypocritical to feign concern that Milwaukee “sold out” to a Chinese company, when they haven’t been owned by an American Company since 1995. If people are upset about Milwaukee not being American, where were all the posts about how Milwaukee “sold out” to the Swedes?


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