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Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener Review – WSKTS

A while back we did a review on the Work Sharp.  We found this to be a great sharpener to have around the workshop.  Very easy to use and produced professional results.  So when we had the opportunity to test and review the Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener, we jumped at the chance.

Power Tool Review – Work Sharp Knife and Tool Sharpener

Power Tool Model– WSKTS

Pros: Lightweight, easy to use, professional results

Cons: Can’t find any yet

Specifications of the Work Sharp

Nuts & Bolts of the Work Sharp

Since knifes and tools do a lot of hard work such as cutting, it is only natural for them to lose their edge or sharpness over time.  This leaves the user only a couple of options; throw the tools out, pay a fee to have someone professionally sharpen them or sharpen them yourself.  The first option is really not an option unless the knife or tool is just a cheap piece of junk.  The second option stinks because that is money you could use to buy yourself more tools.  So the only real option is option number three, sharpen them yourself.  When you sharpen a knife or a tool, there is more to it then just  getting a sharp edge, its also the angle of the edge.  A wrong angle on a blade does make a difference.  Having a tool that not only gives you a sharp edge, but also a correct angle is vital for any tool or knife user, which brings us to the Work Sharp knife and tool sharpener.  The model number on this tool is WSKTS.

The kit comes with everything a user needs to get started.   You get the WSKTS tool sharpener, 40° kitchen knife guide, 50° outdoor knife guide which includes the serrated knife and scissor sharpening guide.  They also throw in a couple of belts.  You get the P80, P220 and the 6000.  Work Sharp includes a great instructional DVD and obviously the user guide, which believe it or not is actually handy and easy to understand.  The tool has a one year warranty.  This makes a perfect tool to take with you on a camping, hunting or fishing trip, just bring your 12V inverter along.

For the review we sharpened everything we had.  We did knifes, a lawn mower blade, which seems weird because it is the dead of winter.  You name it we did it.  Each time we had a professional result.  The system is very easy to set up and work with.  We even took apart an edger and did the cutting guard on that.  As you can see by the video below, we brought it to the marina to let our hunting expert try it out.  He has a lot of knives, but he is not one who is easily impressed.  After a little use, he really didn’t want to give it up.


We found the sharpener very easy to work with.  It’s lightweight and comfortable in the hand.  We also like the rotating head.  You can use this flat on a table or in your hands which gives this more flexibility for the user.  Changing the belts was a snap.  Even we were able to produce professional results with the knives and tools we sharpened.  If we can do it, we think pretty much anyone can do it with the Work Sharp.

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